your an NPC in a game and have only one line

Oh fuck!
Totally changing mine.
Something along the lines of “Talk to me again for something nice!”

“bring me 50 ox testicles
…you have an hour”

I’d be that NPC waaaay far away from any civilization, and I’m super hard to find, like in a deep forest or something where nobody ever goes.
When somebody did find me I’d say "Shh, I’m a secret, the developers don’t even know I’m here. Have a muffin.“
I’d give them the 'Muffin of Rapid Level Up”, now leveling up is 50% easier, forever!

That or I would sell really perverted fortune cookies.

“I make shit happen”

lol i just thought of another one… i’m a cripple “Still waiting for that electronic stimulus package” :stuck_out_tongue:

"…Still waiting for that 2D Metroid game"
An NPC brandishing a GBA/DS.

Never changing my line… EVUR… Well, maybe…

“Listen boy, just because your drunk, doesn’t mean that you cant walk in a straight line. The screen just gets blurry, it’s not fuckin’ GTA4 now is it!?”

My spoon is too big.

"my anus is bleeding… my ANUS is bleeding!