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I also haven’t done anyting color in a while, so I wipped this up in a few hours:

I’m aware Quicksilver’s face looks rather… strange, but I might be able to fix that during coloring.



When will j00 people respond? <_<

Too…mesmerized…to…type…head bangs down on the keyboard as he looses consciousness, resulting in a badly damaged keyboard

I’ll take that as a compliment. =P

-Finshed Product.

Your faces always seem to be really distorted and unbalanced… nice bodies, but…

I honestly think it’s my scanner…

That may seem like a weird excuse, but my original penciling always seem to differ. In my penciling, Wanda’s chin is about 1/3 wider, and Quicksilver’s eyes are at even scale. Go figure. =P

I agree with Daz, the faces are just… weird. Some thing can’t possibly be the scanner’s fault =P

Other than that, they’re AWESOME. <3

I can believe the chin story since the scan might bring up some black you thought you erased, but with Quicksilver’s eyes? Hell no. The one is lopsided and even if it was proportionate scale they would still look weird. The eye on the right is perfect but the one on the left looks like it’s hanging out of his head…

I’m 100% serious, Quicksilver’s eyes still look a bit off on paper, but nowhere near that off. =/

Sorry for not posting anything for a while, even though I HAVE been working on stuff. =P I think that they are good, but could definately be a lot better, so I didn’t post them.

However, I’ve been wroking on something rather large, and it is turing out great, so I figure I’d show a WIP. :smiley:

Not X-Men this time! :astonished:

Well Kinda… <____<


You know, if you respond, I wouldn’t have to bump this topic so much <_<

A Timaster responds!

Sexay so far, but I want to wait for the finished product before any real comments.

That’s possibly a long way off. <_<

I’ve already been working on it non-stop since 6 o’clock eastern, which it is now 9:30. =P

I don’t doubt that I’ll finish it tonight though, once I start something I can never tear myself away. <_<

But it has A LOT in it, so comments on what I have now would be alright, since they won’t be changed much.

EDIT: Finished early, since I cut out a bit. It was getting WAY too crouded. =P

In the words of Albert Einstein:

That’s really really awesome =D

Except spiderman looks like a retard. What’s with his leg?

Einstein says sex? >_>

Spidey’s Leg was like that in the reference I used. <_<

Yeah, looks kinda painful. >_>

Thats is cool O72, mabye I should put my art stuff on here I have alot of Metroid and Halo 2 drawing. 072 please put more of your good artwork up and fix the Iron Man up alittle he looks like he going to pop out.

More than once in his life, I’d assume.

Yes, and in the words of Shakespeare, “Yes Tim, I agree with you entirely”


crazy with the eye rolling huh?

looking good! i would have shaded it lighter though

There are so many characters in that drawing. It makes me go bleh.

maybe if he colored it, it would look better?

I find colored drawings aren’t as good as the drawing with no color.