Merry Christmas P2D!

Happy Holidays to those of you that don’t celebrate Christmas!

So, Presents?

Insomnia destroys me, but so far I’ve got a pair of Mario Boxers (A little weird, I know), and a box of chocolates. But everyone’s asleep now, so I’m gonna wait for the rest. Will update when I get those presents.

lol i have a pair of mario boxers too… it says “Everyone loves an Italian boy!” despite me not having an ounce of italian in me >.>

so far i got money and clay pigeons for my shotgun… i suspect the clay pigeon shooter will be in another box…

That reminds me of when my dad accidentally let me open a Nintendo 64 game before I opened the actual system <_<


i just asked if i could open one present and the random one i happened to pick was that

i got a touch screen MP3 player =D
aaand left 4 dead
socks, boxers, an amusing shirt
and some other stuff

and im not even done getting stuff =D

oh and Left 4 dead…



I was not expecting that t-shirt! I saw a shirt box and was like “Great. more clothes.” you can imagine my surprise. And before you ask, yes I am 16. I’m just small. As for my other gifts, so far, I have the third Eragon book, new sweaters, new pants, new shirts, an 8 gb usb stick, and a shaving kit.

Eh, so far I’ve gotten a wiimote in my stocking =P And a shitload of candy, for some reason. Hopefully I get the nunchuck for the wiimote in one of the presents because, let’s face it, there’s not a whole lot of games you can play with just the wiimote <_<

dear sweet jesus…
this thing has a DIGITAL CAMERA BUILT IN!!!


Let’s see, more stuff.

I got a little tube of energy tablets (they’re like those airborne tablets, but its ENERGY instead of immunity). Pretty sweet tablets, if you ask me.
I got a crash course in shaving (I’m 16, btw. Never shaved before lol). That was okay…until the aftershave. That stung a bit.
Money. Lots of money.

And hopefully I’ve got more on the way.

Woohoo Merry Christmas. I got GHWT band set (I’ll own you :stuck_out_tongue:), The Ringer, a watch, a poster, cologne, and 5 t-shirts so far XD

Eh. I’m in those kinds of games for the drums, and so far, the rock band set>GHWT set. Unresponsive pieces of crap if you ask me =/ but I haven’t played it much… only, like, twice. At least world tour has Blink-182, though =P
<<<Blink fan.

A few shirts, Mario Kart Wii, some upgrades to my laptop (not really much improvement, but some), and an awesome pillow chair so I can use my laptop on top of my bed, which is far more comfortable than in a stiff chair.

And on top of that, my dad said that while my laptop may work fine as a work computer for him, it doesn’t really for what I do. And no shit, because it’s a 6-year old computer that I got for the sole reason that it was the newest one on eBay I could find with XP, and for only $150.
But anyways, he said that since they’re having tons of sales on Saturday he might take me to Best Buy and let me pick a new laptop as a late Christmas present. Hear that, PY? >__>

Wow. I thought you were like twelve. Or thirteen.

Isn’t that homo and twelve year old girls music?

Yes. I’m bad to the bone. B-b-b-b-b-Bad. Bad to the bone.

also got a new copy of FF8 (old one was scratched to shit)
aaaaand HELLSING MANGA #9 <333

Oh, sorry, by Blink-182 fan, I didn’t mean "All the Small Things fan who has never heard of any of the good songs."
I also didn’t mean to imply that that’s all I listen to =P I listen to almost everything…

(Also, while the song fuck a dog in the ass may be very homo, it’s definitely not 12-year-old-girl music. At least… I’m going to hope it isn’t.)

So I got some new stuff for my computer…and now I’m worried I screwed up somewhere.

I got a new heatsink:…8290&CatId=2545

I installed this in replacement of the stock cooler…but now my average CPU temp Idle is 107F instead of 103…I think it might be the heat compound…don’t think there was enough.

On top of this however, no mouse responds on my computer… and the computer froze after a few seconds… Help?

Oh my God!
…I know you’re building a custom computer but sweet lord why do you need a sync that big?! Are you trying to remote run the Pentagon!? Airforce?! Play ‘Crysis’?! What could you possibly have in that thing to generate so much heat?

I only have a 2.76Ghz Dual…but it’s running REALLY Hot…even on that one.

Well, according to the reviews on the link you provided, Zurg, it’s quiet but it also runs a slowly. So that may explain the heat up…

But things of this size can usually run without fans…