Color the lineart

Ok. Well. I’m making a new thread for this.
I had an old one but I’m too lazy to search for it.

This is Samus. Metroid 2 Samus.
Color her. She wants you to!!!
Post the colored lineart in this thread.

Here is an example:

And for those who want to use restrictions:
Commodore 64 palette and wide pixels.

Wait… are we allowed to shade? And how many colors?

there is no restrictions at all.

MII’s actual sprite wasn’t that color; it just looked that way because the GB screen was green. =P

So technically you already recolored it, lol.

Fixed. :stuck_out_tongue:

And I might do this… we shalt see.

i would fail this so bad

but i cant wait to see some results from others ;D

Do you know what color is?

are we supposed to pick our own colors or can we sample them from a picture of samus?

You guys think too hard.

Just color in the lines! It’s really that simple. If you want, you could make Samus wear a “psychedelic” power suit.

I might do that, if I find the time.

Seriously, color it the way you would color something in a coloring book. But instead of a coloring book, use the fill tool in paint! At least, that’s what I would do.

Liks, I like the idea. Sounds fun, and I might toss a few wacky designs in myself.

Btw, I’m not sure if I can type the word “the.” I spelled it “teh” and even “hte” before getting it right a couple times.

PLEASE do the psychedelic power suit =D

Did a bit of basic shading. Planning to finish the left side by the end of the week.

:smiley: That’s hot!

I uploaded some restrictions for those who like them. I know I do.

Uploaded without the re-size.

The lack of red in the pallet is really annoying. >_<

holy shit on a shit sandwich with shit on top and a side serving of shit

that’s really good so far zurg

Hmm… what the freaking fuck happened to the left leg? It got a transparent line.
Ah. Well, fuck it. I’m not fixing that.


Nice… However, I like the more industrial design of mine. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do we get to post lineart too? It’s pretty boring if we all chose the same lineart: I mean, we could post four or five different linearts and see what everyone would do…
Anyway, nice posts so far. :slight_smile:


I want to see and your own personal styles. So you will have one imagew with and without restrictions.

It was the next thing to do on the list I made when I had you guys to draw with NES restrictions, EGA restrictions and when you designed your own N64 cartridge.

You don’t have to color Samus, but it would be fun if you wanted to. I would like you all to at least give it a try.