Corrupt Engine (TGF)

As of latley, I have been talking about canceling the game and remaking the engine in a different program. Well, turns out that’s exactly what I’m doing, canceling the TGF version and building it up again using a more complex, and mor powerfull program (MMF2). With this, I can make an even better engine, add in really nice effects, and proide a much better gaming experience. Good news I say, but also, since TGF Corruption will be canceled I am thinking of releasing the source engine… Yes, you will have the TGF Corrupt Engine to build your games with. Hopefully people can use this to learn a thing or two about TGF, but I ask if the engine or any of it’s coding is used you give me credit! I will send whoever wants the engine to PM me if you want the engine… _________________________________________________________

All new demos will be posted here, please post your comments
about the demos too, Corrupt Entertainment is always looking
for ways to improve on our projects!

-Project: Dread-
Known Bugs:
*This the first demo i ever released, it was a VERY early beta.
*Chatacter can stick to walls…
*Character can go throwgh walls >_<
*Possible to stop enemy movement and gain easy points.
*On some occasions character will began to float upward while in a wall.
Download Link:
[Link ]

-Corrupt: Alpha Demo-
Known Bugs:
*Character can get stuck on ceiling on some occasions
*16x16 blocks are treated as slopes
*Possible to “force” character to float up some blocks.
Download Link:
[ Link ]

-Corrupt: Mission Beta Demo-
Known Bugs:
*Enemys can force character through certain walls
*Character can get stuck on ceiling
*I think thats all of them…
Download Link:
[ Link ]

-Project Dread 2: Reborn-
Known Bugs:
*Your AI Trooper sometimes seems to aim at an object that
it not currently on the screen.
Download Link:
[ Link ]

-Movie of next demo-
Fixed since then:
-Camera shaking
Download Link:
[ Link ]

Whats up everyone? I desited to make a new game (surprise, surprise)
called Project Dread. You play as a Gfed Trooper. The plot isnt done yet,
(it probably wont even have one!) this game was made for entertainment
and just to play for fun. If I deside too, I’ll make this a real game with a
plot and normal enemies! Unlike most Metroid games this one is going to be
focusing more on action than basic, metroidy stuff. THIS GAME ALSO
HAS A NEW CONTROL LAYOUT! The new controls are:
A: Move back
D: Move foward
Mouse: Aim your Gfed cannon
Shift: Jump
1: basic Gfed Beam
2: Minigun (Has ammo!!!)

Post your scores and stuff like that if you want. I will have 2
downloads eventually. Download 1 is the midi music format.
Download 2 is the MP3 format demo. Right now only download 1 is avalible.
[link removed]

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Those controls aren’t going to work for those of us with only two arms.
And by replacing the “basic metroidy stuff” with action, do you mean taking out items/expansions, bosses, clever map layouts, etc., and adding mindless running and shooting? :sweat:

Well, I guess I should play the game before I come to conclusions…

You get used to the controles fairly fast. I actually
find them more confertable than the basic controles.
There will still be upgrades, and new weapons
and bosses. There probably will not be back tracking.
So, it will still have upgrades, bosses and weapons,
(including Grav and Force beams hopefully!) and sutch.
This game might be mission based.

EDIT: Demo 1 is out! Check my first post.

What program do you have to have to play it tho?

My comp won’t play it… it’s a .gam file… I need something… I’ll EDIT if I find out…

Sorry, forgot to add. You need TGF to play this game! I think
it would work on MMF too.

Can’t you create an executable?

I dont have the full/ registered version of TGF.

No Screenshots,No Download

What version you have, 1.06 build 38 (latest)?

Okay, some news. Project Dread has been canceled (or postponed)
due to high demand for a demo of my other game “Metroid: prey”.
For any one who wants a demo and doesnt own TGF or MMF, I can
probably get someone to make an EXE for me. And just for people
that want to see what the game looks like I got some screens.

Keep in mind thse are not mockups!

Hey, Dragon here! I have came to update this old game. Ever since I
vanished, I have been working on this game. The screens on my
previous post are so old, they look nothing like the new game.
Si, what has been added you say? This is everything that has been
changed and updated:

*Gfed weapon sprites changed, looks more original.
*New weapons added such as the Pistol and shotgun.
*Completed a “room to room” or "toom transition"
example, so Maps similar to those of Metroid will be
in the game.
*Boss battles added! Yes, I have added bosses to this
game, very hard, and interesting. Even hardcore Metroid
fans might have trouble beating these guys.
*New enemies added! Such as the wort worm to the zero (sp?).
*Title screen, menu, and multiple missions to choose from have
also ben added.
*Each mission has it’s own objective and boss.
*Music ripped from multiple games, so now the game has proper music.
*New Demo has been released, showinf off the engine!
*2 new demos are coming, the environments test demo,
and the Alpha Demo. Keep an eye out for these!

My time is running out, so sadly I can’t post the demo or screens
just yet. However, everything listed above has been completed.
When I come back, expect to see more of this name… Last but not least,
the games name has been changed to “Corruption”. Before any of you say anything about the name, I had this name for a long time. MP3 just happend to
use it, so don’t think I stole the name. Sorry, got to go now… Iplan on coming back
to update this game again.


Wow, I was really … angry and stupid, back then. For lack of better words.

Nice updates, though. Sounds really cool, especially if the bosses are as challenging as you say they are =D

I’m looking forward to your next demo.

it said for me to select a file type…:frowning:…as in it doesn’t have one, wierd


Im back! This time with 3 New Demos, Screenshots of the game,
and even more stuff relating to Corruption. The first thing you
need to know is that the name is changed, it’s now called “Corrupt: Source”.
Here are screenies of the current demos:

-The Alpha Demo-

-The Environments Demo-

-The Mission Beta Demo-

Note: Due to bordom, the environments test demo was canceled, I
didn’t want to take the time to program in the Room Transitions into
every section. Well, now for the demos… :smiley:


Mission Beta Demo released! Fight your way thorugh 3 action
packed levels, and fight huge boss battles! This demo is
definatly worth playing, dispite it’s large file size.

Mission Beta Demo.

Alpha Demo has been released! Thanks to Wild8900 for
making it an EXE file. Well, tell me what you think of it.
I hate to say the ending was rushed a little.

Alpha Demo

Well, that should be enough for now… I’ll post Project Dread later on.
As for now, please post any comments about the game, and tell me
what you think about it.

It’s better than I can do, and it’s pretty nice, but I still think there are two major problems with it:

1- Your weapons are weak. Really weak. And having a weak single shot weapon is aggravating… (not to mention that the main weapon looks really wierd)

2- The GF Trooper’s running animation is poor.

OMGZerz GFed troops rulezz!
I surprised. What influenced you to make a GFed Metroid Fangame with WASD/Mouse controls? You dont’ see those a lot

y is the link removed?

and, wasd is t3h pwnz0r… 13ft, righ7, up, d0wn is t3h n00b!Q@W

whats the controls

bah, do you not listen? i just said wasd!