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Yes. Spoken like a true… Dazzy

dude u lack knowledge about my postings(wat i mean is, that was my first double post. lots of people have bad grammer on the internet becuase(notice i siad “becuase” instead of “cuz”) they dont care about grammer, probably becuase it saves time, its not like the world is gonna end when someone spell a word wrong or forgets to put a “?” at the end of a sentence. And i didnt mean to double post, i thought i was editing my first post. And you warned me once about the sig not twice. and you just broke the forums rules twice. off topic posting…

back to topic. CM the axis is gonna be somewhere near the middle.

Oh, I was thinking if it was swinging, it would be right on the ball on the handle, and if it was spinning lke someone threw it, the middle would be wgere it would be.

im not gonna make the swing until i make its wielder which wont be done untill im done of its abilities.

nice but you were to nice dazzy UR A ASS FACE COCK MASTER :smiling_imp:

seriously who r u?

tisk tisk tisk i dont think hes the noob daz i think ur the noob… also WHO CARES ABOUT A NAME AND BY THE WAY THAT WAS OFF TOPIC MS. Admin

why should you care at least im sticking up for you if you dont want me to say the word…

well it kinda nice ur the only one who is acting as my friend but ur off topic.

i made the animation for the spinning.

SHHHHH! he dosent know im offtopic…

Plz stop daz is gonna think its me…

got a fast spinning one and a slower spinning

slow spinning.

ya know what pisses me off. i cant get the faster spinning animation on here. i tried 3 file hosting sites and they dont work so. this is wat im not gonna do. im not gonna bother…

nice good job

The fuck happened here?!

Red Phazon: Laziness is not an excuse for breaking the rules. We have rules about at least TRYING to type legibly. You consistently break them, and use the most bullshit excuse I’ve ever seen. And you also refuse to listen to my threat. I don’t make empty threats. Your posting abilities are revoked for a few days, as warned. However, I do apologize about the double post thing. You’re right, it was YOUR first. It’s just that people do it so often, it all blends together. Sorry again. But hey, when you break so many rules at once anyway, it’s easy to lump them together.

Mistaken Warrior: Go away before I make you go away, if you catch my drift. We don’t take kindly to random n00bs busting in, flaming the administrator, stepping up for retards with no reading comprehension, and breaking several more rules I’m too lazy to list.

Dude, shut up! You only wish you were as cool as Dazzy.

dudes this is getting off topic. and who r u talking about collman, mistaken or me?

I think he was talking about mistaken not you so dont worry. Anyways back on topic now , nice sword RP keep up thr good work :smiley: . cough updated my thread cough

I finished Demon Edges first ability; the fire missles. I think it would slow down the site if i posted in image form instead of a link.

Fire Missles

It’s … just a bunch of expanding concentric circles… and not even animated that smoothly… >_> Shouldn’t there be some actual missiles?

well it is animated smoothly its just when i put it on the internet it goes to a certain frame speed. i dont know what thats all about. but in some games, anything thats a projectile the is shot, ex. arrows, catapult, is a missle. I could change it to Fire balls or something else. and in the fangame im working on those explosions are quite large, like the size of a house. I guess the way i drew the explosions is how i wanted them to look, some other games made explosions that way like final fantasy 4.


A recolor of the Demon Edge.

It’s the Sword of Fire. Next up is The Sword of Three Elements(Earth Wind & Air) the Illuminus.

Edit: Ok I finished the Illuminus!!