edthedestroyer's sprite and pre-sprite thread

I don’t think the ice/dark beam, wave/light beam, and plasma/annihilator beam changes are noticeable enough. There’s hardly a difference even when you’re that zoomed in, and the cannon’s going to be placed on that little Samus posted right above, right?.. The parts that change just need to stick out a ton more, especially the wave/light beam because of the camera angle when it’s in 2-D.

Otherwise it looks really awesome.

Here some of the work I’ve done on Samus’ Ship, but it still has a ways to go.

Edit: Here are some tilez I’m doing too.

zomg shiny~~

Seriously man, the ship is not supposed to be that glossy and cartoony >_>;

And the tiles don’t really fit the style of the other ‘sprites’…

I know, but I still have to work on the ship textures.
This is my design, and it will look different from all the other ship models.

The tiles are in the main artistic theme of the game, everything else will change to fit that theme.

LOL his sprites are suposed to be cartoony.

Samus, ship, and Arm Cannon look great IMO. I like the ship
model, how do you make these? What program are you using?
I know for sure you can’t be using Milkshape 3D.

I use an old version of 3D studio max. It does a good jobb even though I don’t know half of its functions.

Here are some midis that I’m working on.

Wow, this is looking great so far. And since you’re using models you can do a lot more with them like cut scenes or dare I say it cinema scenes?

This is awsome. I want to see this work out.

Oooo, MIDIs! :astonished:

The clashing pick-up note in the title is awkward, but the evil mood of most Metroid title screens is there. The landing site starts nice, but about halfway through the rhythms start sounding really weird. It sounds a lot like a pre-theme, or introduction (not a bad thing), so I’m guessing that that Brinstar theme is going to be used again in the landing area after a certain event happens, but stronger and more upbeat, or something like that, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea the more I listen to the title the more evident are the problems that need to be fixed. Same with the landingsite.

Arg!! I spent some much time on the second half of the landing site but it still sounds weird >_______>

The landing site theme is inspired from that same theme in Metroid Prime when you first land. Well, more of the main part of that tune, you get the picture.

Speaking of pictures, I know I’ll use the 3d stuff in cutscenes although they will probably not be a video. Maybe more like well, every of metroid cutscene. You know, sprites move around, grow and shrink, sounds play and a few higher quality shots of the action will flash.

I’m currently “trying” to make a decent pirate. It will be a bit unique from most pirate designs but I hope to keep that piratee feel. Daz, your opinion will be greatly appreciated.

you should add more to the landing theme (smaller notes, both high and low)

The GIF negatively effects the quality but I think you ‘get the picture.’

That fire looks brilliant. :smiley:

Beautiful work there, wot wot old bean. The ship looks damn nice now, and the fire is BEAUTIFUL.

Nice…um…very nice indeed

Thanks guys, I think this model will do nicely in the game. I also thinking about having some animated videos too, but TBA.

Nice. :smiley:

That model DOES have more than one angle, right?

I can render a shot from any angle if that’s what you’re asking.
Right now I’m adding the landing gear assemblies and weapons bays.

Herez a taste…

Whoa… Totally kick ass! The engine thrust is awsome, too. Eh, the landing gear kinda look wimpy or something, but otherwise it’s fucking awsome.

May I ask you what version?