edthedestroyer's sprite and pre-sprite thread

WOW that really goed how oyu do that?

Then again, you’re banned, so I can’t count on your intelligence.

So he has 3d studio max, how and the world did you get it?

Maybe he downloaded it from Napster or one of those program.

I’d have to guess he downloaded it, or he bought it.

Yea I downloaded it a good while back so I could mod some planes for Strike Fighters >_>;; I found that I like messing with 3d stuff so here I am.

whos banned??

I’m working on some planet models.
Comments plz.

I just finished the texture today, nearly frying my PC. Did you know that PS makes large temp files when you use the ‘Clone Tool’? I had one nearly a Gig meanwhile Windows was screaming “You tard, how the hell did you let this partition get this full?!”

At first glance I thought it was Aether. It’s a little blurred, but it’s really good. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice. Very nice indeed.