Enemy Sprites


:confused: i got zoomers
but i dont know how 2 post them in from my pictures folder :


All of your pirates look the same at first glance to me (maybe that’s because I just can’t spot the several thousand details you add on an hourly basis?). Maybe you could compare it to your old pirate if you still have it?


I think he changed their stance a bit (like how the arms are lower and how, ehem it seems to me that the pirate is slouching a bit more)and made them slightly more bulky. He also changed some colors …* I THINK*. anyway, they are still lookin good. Nice job daz. And all that I just told you is based off memory until now. So correct me if I’m wrong on any of that.


Heck, for geemers and it’s bros.(zoomer) we should take the M:ZM ones and detail em up.Now that’s different from using the sprites for a whole other game(stealing TM’s).
By the way, is this including the sprites for enemy shots? :neutral_face:




EDIT: That was Timaster.


also, the one reason that i hate m:zm zoomers is that they are facing foreward… shouldnt they have a left and right frame?


okay guys heres a parasite queen sprite ive used in my game is it good enough to be in p2d? if not can you tell me how it could be http://imageshack.us][/url][/img]


No. That’s terribly shaded, wrongly sized, it has photoshop effectits outline is blocky, and it’s inaccurate. Not to mention we already HAVE one.

Not to mention it’s in the wrong topic.

In any case, now for the reason I came here.



Wow, you’re not changing it anymore? Does that mean the version for the frigate will be completed more quickly?

Edit: Oh yeah, they look amazing :smiley:


I like them. They look amazing!


Photoshop is kida annoying with those clear lines on the sprite. But awsome sheet.




Is there any other sprite needed? :slight_smile:


yea, the parasites ones need to be redone


Photoshop is good for editing sprite or edit ones allready made like I’m working on the MZM varia suit fully powered. If P2D team has anything editing done to some sprites let me know.


I’ve never seen anybody use Photoshop for sprites. Well…there’s the exception of Dazzy and his translucent Pirate shield… <.<


Photoshop is really useful for sprites, as long as you know what you’re doing, and don’t overdo it.


photoshop needs a plugin that lets you drag a line so you dont have to do the stupid point shift point thing or make a line that is a @&*!ing shape and on a different layer


Hold shift down and use the pencil tool, and it’ll make a line. :stuck_out_tongue:


But whats the real best program. I can draw in paint, but my sprites just dont look good enough. And if photoshop isnt good for spriting, than what’s it good for??