Enemy Sprites


photoshop is for the design of products and labling. Say for instance a box of cereal was probably done in photoshop. Its not for sprites ever ever ever.


Wrong. It sprites damn well, you just REALLY need to know what you’re doing.


Oh yeah, you did the Rath or watever in photoshop (the brown dragon). We never did see the final result.

Lol. This doesnt really doesnt apply to me anymore. I just didnt know about texturing plus shading to create depth. My texturing still needs practice, but I at least understand and can apply the concepts now.


I noticed some posts with an animation of a Metroid “clapping” with it’s fangs, and heard someone say that that animation was going to be the Metroid sprite used in P2D. Compared to Samus, that Metroid is going to be huge, huge like the Metroid larvae in Super Metroid. It’ll be far too big to be accurate to MP, so I hope that the Metroids in P2D aren’t that big. Judging from being attacked by Metroids a lot (they don’t like me), they are about two-three times the circumferance of the Arm Cannon, and slightly bigger than the Morph Ball.

From looking at the size of the Morph Ball in the demos, I think the Metroids should be a bit like this:

I custom made this myself, which explains the poor quality, but I think that this should be the size of the Metroids in P2D.

If I was wrong about that “clapping” Metroid animation being the base for the size of Metroids in P2D, then I apologize, but I just think that if you do use that animation as the size, Samus will look a bit tiny.


Everything from a first-person perspective looks smaller than it actually is in videogames. If you roll into morph ball in Prime, regular Metroids are pretty large compared to it, and full-grown ones (after being shot a bit or absorbing enough energy) are HUGE.

The morph ball is actually a lot bigger in Prime than most people think, too, if you compare the size of it to the biped form. The morph ball in P2D, though, is smaller than it was in Prime compared to the biped form, but the Metroids are staying about the same size.

Plus Metroids wouldn’t be as fun to fight if they’re really small in 2-D. :stuck_out_tongue:

So I think the size of the one we have is pretty good. :metroid:


Greetings - I’m new here but definately not new to spriting.
As a short concluding thing about drawing programs: The style of prime 2D is a pixel style, using few colours. If you want to use programs like photoshop you need to know what you’re doing indeed, but also it would not really suit this game’s look. Further I suggest you try out Paint Shop Pro also. I personally use it for my textures and larger art, and I must say it’s userinterface is way easier to handle than the interface from photoshop. The difference howevr is that when you wish to apply an advanced filter in photoshop, you can change ALOT of the settings, and in paint shop pro you have only a few changable settings.

Now can anyone of you explain me - how can I get into this project as either graphic creater OR translator (into dutch :stuck_out_tongue:) - I would like to work with ya and I’ve got some stuff to show if needed, even though I have few to no platform sprites, I did make some isometrical stuff, flat textures, and the well known Tibian perspective:

That is because I usualle post at the tibia.de forums - that’s where I am learning and trying to learn to others. It’s pretty usefull to me - perhaps people want to check it out also? ^^ Oh well~ Long enough talk for now.


This isn’t where to sign up at all, not this topic or even this forum. Go to the SCU one.


Yeah, all the progress for the game is kept over in the P2D board at SCU. Just move your post from here into the sprite topic over there. Sorry for the inconvenience.


EDIT: I was typing my post before the previous post was made, I needed to know where to go at that point but I have the link now ^^


photoshop[ should almost never be used in spriting… paint is the only true program for spriters…


Not neccessarily, seeing as how some good sprites are made in photoshop. It’s not recommended though, but some people use OTHER programs (mac users for example).


i meant it was the main one, just as long as u dont use the extras in other, more expensive programs.


HP, why can’t you use “extras” in other programs? The only problem with using advanced programs for sprites is if you noobishly throw in thousands of effects to try and make your sprite look better, since most of the time that just makes it look like a giant noobish mess. The same can be said about sigs, and I don’t see anyone telling you not to use any “extras” on sigs <_<


i always use paint! yay im a war wasp!


I use gimp and when I’m done with the sprite I posterize the image to 8,16,32… whatever I need for the sprite or I use pallets, otherwise I use Kolourpaint.



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