Happy Valentine's Day!


Today was any different from any other saturday?

Nope, still no human interaction.

I Lol’d.

I might hang out with a friend today, depending.

Going to a party. Made a shoe-phone for my friend. She’s been watching Get Smart since she was a kid.

I think I just refreshed this pages home for like one HOUR before something new posted… Round 2.

I have a valentine…wish I could ask her to be mine.
She’s taken
yet I still love her so much :cry:

My Valentine’s Day consisted of drawing a picture.

Just the outline and a few contour lines, of course.

(It’s the girl I want to date who has thus far refused me on numerous occasions due to numerous reasons! Oh, yes, and I’m required by the usage agreement to say that it’s a Doll on the Hill Factory base.)

If she’s not yours, you don’t have a valentine…
Sorry to crush your hopes, but she’s just your crush.

Valentines day discriminates against single people. They are left in the blue, with nobody caring about them. Those that do have a mate spend money for no reason.

I vote to get rid of it!

Just like social security discriminates against young people!

And so does school!

Destroy them all!!!

Or… OR… Maybe you could just ignore it while it’s there until it really applies to you. On the other hand, I get Valentine’s day cards from people that I’m not dating, including my mother, so you must be really unloved all around if the day doesn’t apply to you at all. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Incidentally, I am single!)

i vote for banning v-day

Not a crush, Im madly in love with her, just not recieving much. Tim, you’ve been a real pain in the ass lately. :imp: STFU

Oh god Rundie, stop now. Only pain lies down that route :frowning:

See, I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, considering that every Valentine’s day I’ve lived through I’ve been single.

Instead, I celebrate Single’s Awareness Day! It just happens to fall on the same day!


dunno, from what ive heard
i think shes into him

he doesnt believe me

You missed my pun, like so many thousands before you.
sigh… no one appreciates humor these days.

I got it, Tim. I appreciate your humor!

Just thought you should know. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol WUT?

Every Valentine’s Day thread I’ve seen on Metroid forums tend to be rather depressing. Seems like most people on the forums are single (including myself) and feel like this day is sort of pointless as it just makes the singles stand out like a sore thumb.