Heh. Dude's got some major Metroid skillz.

Hey guys. I was surfing the net, lawl, and I came across this.


I honestly have no words to describe the level of … indecency and utter disgrace this is to any Metroid game and fans who follow it. My friend and I died of laughter when we went to the upgrades page …

Make sure you browse through the entire site, check out all the links on the bottom of the page. You wont belive the time and level of … “extent” was put into this. I dont know what “mode” this guys mind was in, but if this is the best I could create, there is no way in hell I would put it online for guys like me to ridicule and laugh at.

Anyways, post what you think. All I know is … yeah wow. I lost brain cells over this.

…Ewwwww. That’s terrible. Im a lesser person because i went to that page.

Yeah, I mean come on. Seriously. Did you see the “upgrades” page? What the f*ck is “Earth Spread”? Honestly! You want some toast with that? Maybe some “Earth Spread 2”.

Now … let me ask eveyone something. If Metroid Prime, with its … 20 or so upgrades, its a 20 hour game (generally). This guy has like sixty so called upgrades. And I really dont know what the point of half that shit is. I cant stop shaking my head. grumbles It was once funny to me … all I have to do is see “Samus Dark Wing Mode” Oahhhhhhhh noes!

All I can say is this: That person must have no job (ergo too much free time). Obviously this was some screwed up attempt at something by a very geeky person who, unbeknownst to him but knownst to us, failed miserably. But you’ve got to give him credit: He actually came up with all of that crap. That has to count for something.

AHHH. im melting…puddle

wtf, you’ve hurt the forums feelings that only exists because of this…but seriously, wtf, that guys a good artist…sorta…ish…nah pretty grade1…wtf is wrong with that guys mentality…WING MODE?! TORNADO BALL!?wtf.wtf.wtf.

Lawl! Earth Bomb! hellz yes!1!! Now me MB can go super fast! Yay! Look at Samus transform! OMG her wingz and laser whip thingy reminds me so much of Metroid Prime 2! Especially how she morphs into her suit!!! Its not like IT SPECIFICALLY SHOWS SAMUS TAKING OFF HER SUIT IN TEH ENDING OF MP2!!! JEEZUZ WHERE IS YOUR RESPECT FOR METROID FANS!!!

Heh. I know this is pretty useless topic, because that website fails in every way possible, but I just wanted to make sure that I was not the only one who thought that it was … I dont know, whats the word … rediculous? I am wondering how many people have emailed this kid saying that he teh suxxors, but I bet there are some out there who are like OMG teh Kul webpag3 dood!

Especially to those stupid gif animations he has. Did you see the one … yeah, the “Ice” one? Its just a negative! Haha!

sigh i suppose ill join in the bashing

pokemon flashback? “you caught zoomer lvl 2! would you like to name zoomer?”

ZOMG! What a cool idea. I think that should win best WTFPS Sidescroller Fangame ever made. Oh and next week rumor has it he has concept art for the new morph-cube, Samus can no longer roll however her enemies will now confuse her with a pair of dice.


Oh and yes …

Its confirmed. Retro is scrapping Metroid Prime 3 : Corruption … and replacing it with this. I am so stoked, its not even funny. I just cant wait to use “Fast Run” in conjunction with “Spike Extend”. Its gonna be amazing.

Oh, and have you seen what Nintendo is replacing the Wii’s controller with?

New Wii Controller

Awesome, huh?

/sarcasm (for all you who actually think I am serious).

W0W! Th4t’s T3h pwnz0rz!

Now seriusly, that amazingly bad

It’s like Eight knew buttons and some that are placed somewere else…

Yeah, but she’s hot.


Um, I mean, yeah, lazy animation… yeah! << >>


“Hot”! Just like this guys drawings of Samus and her suit and her upgrades is “cool”.

Dude!, that HAS to be the worst fangame EVER!!! It has only the game-plan and art ( which isn?t gonna be USED ?cause they are drawn on a sheet of copybook paper!!) I bet that guy hasn?t even got a single game code line programmed.
I laughed a lot, but when I saw the “Earth shot”, “Flight mode”, and the reverted-color Samus pic, THERE came teh real laughing. But there?s more, he even put some “info about himself” and you should really go check his other game ideas. :laughing: .this guy seriously needs someone to re-tell him what the concepts of
"project" and “good website = no shitload of crap about my personal history in there” mean.

Oh, and the controller is just a gamecube controller with extra buttons, of which, some are not very accesstble (like the “t” button :sweat: ).

Haha I know right? Dude when I got to that personal page I laughed my head off.

I am glad I am not the only person who thought this was not only sad, but just plain funny.

i laugh, then cry with laughter, then completely roll over with laughter.

though some of the ball ideas i saw were kinda neat, somewhere in there i thought i read about spikes, and a flamethrower ball, all of which sounded actually kinda cool.

edit: just saw “wing mode”, need to change pants from laughter…

edit: just saw samus concept that grew, kinda cool, mainly because it doesn’t look like he actually made them with his own stuff. hm…

…sorry…chick destracted me continues on to next page

edit: just saw "samus flirting* really freaky…

edit: just saw “ice suit”, which is a negative, laughed, and am now returning to playing ogre battle 64.

I’m surprised you’re still talking about this. Hasn’t its inadequacies been described already?


Who tha effing hell are you? God! What a random ass spammer!

… Stupid people. I bet he was the dude who made the page we are making fun of …

Not really, and a nerd mix with metroid is wried like torpedo ball? quakeball? very strange and crazy.