Huns of the Hunted - NEW quasi-fangame!

My name is Sam, and i represent Sovereign Studios, an independent development team working on Huns of the Hunted, a brand-new game which uses Super Metroid as it’s main inspiration and is designed to appeal to metroid fans, while taking many ideas from many other great games and expanding on the gameplay we all love in previously unseen ways.

The game will be developed for PC and focus on self-contained cooperative or competitive (Team vs Team) scenarios. The game is 2D, naturally, and will allow for large maps, with teams starting out far from one another and games revolving around mission objectives, to preserve the feeling of exploration and discourage the game degenerating into a “mindless deathmatch” as many would surely fear from a shift to this sort of gameplay. Additionally, if a player is intent on hunting down the other players, it will require considerable effort to track enemy team members down, depending on whether they are avoiding combat themselves, sensors the hunter may be equipped with and stealth gear the victim may have.

To play as a human is just one of several choices. Several more playable races will be available, each with their own attributes and unique abilities. We have several great artists who have already put out excellent concept art for these new alien species.

There’s a lot more to talk about here… I have a complete design document, and as I said, some great concept art. Contact me directly if you want to see any of this material; It will also be available on a website sometime in the future. In addition, feel free to post here with any requests for elaboration on the above description; details you want to know more about or any info that seems missing or unclear.

The huge gaping hole in the project right now, however, is the lack of a competent programmer. I have a freind filling that position right now, but he is simply too busy in his work and daily life to put in the amount of time and effort necessary for an ambitious project like this; so I am currently looking to fill the position of Lead Programmer.

I am by no means looking for a “slave”. While I am the designated Project Leader, we are very democratic in our structure and everyone has creative input. This being said, I may be stubborn at times, but if you know your idea is good, don’t give up on it. Sometimes I have to sleep on it biggrin.gif The Lead Programmer probably needs to be a high school kid, or less likely a college student, in order to have the necessary free time to work on a non-profit project (shareware is a possibility)

Only bother contacting me to join if you can maintain a positive, can-do attitude. I am only interested in dealing with winners. Saying you can’t do something is most often the biggest thing keeping you from doing it.

Hoping to hear from you guys soon,

Sam @ Sovereign Studios 8)

You should post concept art regardless, I could write a well written post, even without having a game.

Also, is this not another case of ‘I have a great idea but I can’t program will someone do it for me PLOX!!!’, except far better written? You should get a tech demo out, or something akin to that, before many will take it seriously.

Although, without a programmer, sprites and cinematic art would be the next best bet. :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel a little odd about just posting the entire document here, but I’ll give you a sample. If you want the whole thing, contact me via MSN or something.

anyway, here’s the current list of playable races in the game:

Playable Races - Not in any way finalized -

NOTE: enami’s “Kappa” image is being used without his permission, simply because I have not been able to contact him yet. It’s just to give you an idea, anyway.

HUMAN: They are one of the more well-rounded species, with decent mobility and some degree of resiliance in combat. They are particularly fond of and well-suited to the use of many different technologies, to augment their above-average intelligence and high level of tactical cunning.

TROYA: The short-statured people of Troi tend to be reminiscent of Earth’s amphibians, but with some obviously contradictory features such as antennae and a bipedal structure. They are exceptionally nimble and fast, as well as presenting small targets, making them ideal scouts. They can maneuver even more quickly by curling up into a ball, enabling them to tumble, roll and bounce across terrain and through small spaces.

Concept Image:
This is pretty close to what we want for this character, but it needs revision ( this image is not my property but is being used with permission as a concept piece)

GRUBBS: Standing slightly shorter than a human, but with a much wider and more solid build, the Grubbs also possess a tough exoskeleton that offers much protection from many attacks. While relatively slow normally, Grubbs can curl up and fold their shell around them, enabling them to roll around like a ball. Gaining enough speed in this form can cause a decent amount of damage, killing minor enemies and providing a good opening attack against stronger enemies and rival tribes. The Grubb’s most noteworthy ability, however, is to give birth to its ravenous offspring on the battlefield.

Concept Image:

KAPPA: These are the heaviest and strongest of the Federation races, many times the mass of a human. They have a high damage threshold and have a shell on their back that is nearly indestructable. In addition they can simply retreat into their shell and have a good chance of surviving until reinforcements arrive.

Concept Images: end product should look like something in between this :…-Kappa-34404606

and this:…nals_1_510.html

Specifically, I prefer the general shape and color of the first, while I prefer the head, hands and feet as well as the bulkier build of the second.

MANTA: The Manta are a species of light winged exoskeletal creatures. slightly shorter than a human but also wider, they can fly for limited periods of time and land on any surface, regardless of the direction of gravity, where they can rest until ready to fly again.

Concept Image: I still need to get one.

XHYD: The Xhyd’k were at war with the Manta, long ago before the Federation was formed. Their truce was one of the symbols of the Federation’s acheivements in creating a utopian society free of war. Walking on 8 legs, the Xhyd are excellent climbers, able to quickly scramble up any surface, even running along cielings. They are also significantly tougher than the manta, able to absorb more damage.

Concept Image…k-Race-62474998

(the description of the Xhyd given here has nothing to do with the version that will exist in the game)

DARKMAKERS: Their world was once known as a breeding ground for sociopathic space pirates, before they finally joined the ranks of the Federation near the end of its lifetime. They stand about the same height as a Kappa, but with less heavy armor to allow more freedom of movement, making them better in offensive positions.

Concept Image:…-Maker-69494036

(the description of the DarkMaker given here has nothing to do with the version that will exist in the game)

ACIDITES: The Acidites are a race of symbiotes, consisting of two seperate species existing codependantly. This relationship has existed for at least as long as their history records, and was presumably vital to their survival in the harsh climate on their homeworld of Sulfuria. An acidite simply treats this relationship as being two halves of its whole “self”; The one carrying the other is simply called the “body” in their language, while the organism riding on it’s back is the “eyes”. The original basis for this relationship was presumably poor senses of the former, and the relatively weak physical characteristics of the latter. These attributes have become even more stongly defined over time, as the “eyes”’ limbs have completely atrophied and now lie hidden under its flabby body, and the “body” is nearly blind. Some beleive they communicate through telepathy, while others suggest it is simply a strong and deeply-rooted empathy.

The “eyes” of an Acidite innately give it all the abilities of both “sensor” items available to the other classes. Acidites are also resistant to corrosive substances. Their weaknesses are a vulnerability to kinetic attacks and a generally poor armor rating.

Concept Image and original idea by Oleg “Legich” Shubin…als_1_3707.html

A Big Thanks to Legich, enami, Stengner, Green Mamba and Sesaka for their contributions to our concept art collection.

As I said, Super Metriod is the chief inspiration here. I played Metroid back in the day, and it was good and all, but Metroid 3 was the one that really made a lasting impression on me, and to this day is one of my all time favorite games. Huns of the Hunted will retain that appeal by paying homage to SMetroids’s emphasis on rich, colorful visuals and atmosphere. As described in my original post, the game is designed to force exploration and mission based gameplay- if someone wants to kill you, it will require significant effort for them to track & chase you down, assuming you are avoiding a fight. Fighting will mostly occur over the objectives. So in other words, we are also retaining the emphasis on exploration, with your mission being the motivation for all this running around. Needless to say, the level design will retain a very “metroid” feel as well, with many paths to your (potentially multiple) goals and with some pathways only accessible or even visible without the aid of special items or weapons.

Ah yes, the equipment… It will be very similar to the kinds of devices we saw in Metroid, but the way it is obtained will be different. Players get a certain number of points to spend at the beginning of each spawn, and every weapon, armor, tool, etc has a point value, based on how powerful it is. Players will need to make a choice between say, loading up with lots of weapons, or using items that give them lots of mobility, or combinations of that and more. Every player’s primary weapon will be a beam weapon that comes in several flavors, with these “modules” able to be combined dynamically, much like games such as Gunstar Heroes and…I’m sure there have been others but I forget. Unlike GH, however, these modules will combine dynamically, meaning we should not have to animate each combination manually, but rather come up with a system that can combine the various pyrotechnic effects on the fly.

I am working on getting a web page up - It’s not my specialty, personally. I have a friend here in Chicago who makes them for a living, and he may be willing to make up a little one for us.

This project is still in its infancy - we will not have started in earnest until we have found the right guy to be our lead programmer.

No need to be so confrontational, mate.

'Ah, but you don’t. There are a lot of things you COULD do; but actually DOING them still counts for something.'
I could, but I don’t, because I don’t have a project that needs team members. I’ve only worked in a team once (As head programmer), and while it was fun, it would take something to convince me to do it again.

'I put plenty of time and effort into this myself, and I’m not comparing myself to anyone else. I’m not trying to make someone do all the work for me, I simply do not have the kind of brain necessary, for the level of programming skill that we seek. In addition, nobody who works with me / knows me better than you seems to think that my intention is to simply boss other people around while they do ALL the work. It is just not possible for me to fill EVERY role myself in a project this ambitious.'
You misunderstood me, I didn’t mean that in an insulting manner at all.
What I meant was, is this not ‘I have a great idea, and concept art, but not a programmer, so will one of you guys program my game’. Which leads on quite nicely to
’Why do you think we need a programmer?'
To program the game hurrrrrrrrr.
Demo!=Game. I can come up with awesome ideas (Am often praised for the fact. Especially when other people use my ideas <___<) but I still haven’t a clue how your game will play, which is far more important. A quick demo, just demonstrating the basics of gameplay is not a huge undertaking, and would add a lot more oomph to your argument.

'Many already do take it seriously. Speak for yourself.'
I do, ta. I know I speak for a large proportion of people (none of them stencyl fans), that pretty pictures and a design document don’t excite me, wheras a fun little tech demo does. (Unless it’s concept art for an already complete game. I love that stuff <3)

'It sounds like you didn’t bother to really read all of what I said, before you started flaming. I represent a TEAM, including 5 artists who have already committed themselves to the project and produced loads of content. Programmers are basically the only thing we are missing at this point.'
Now that’s just wrong.
A) This is the internet, I’m sorry if I insulted the integrity of your project, but I’m words on a screen, mate. (Or if you’re really cool, a wall, with a 50" projected image on it)
B)I believe in a thing called lovecriticism. It’s that thing where people tell you what’s wrong, and you think about fixing it, as opposed to going through all of their points and justifying it in your own mind. That one is called arrogance.

Also, it’s… it’s… it’s a bloody (quasi)fangame! More to the point, game! Games require programming, so saying you have a team of 5 artists means absolutely nothing, because their art is nothing more than a glorified drawing without somebody to put it on a screen. Which is exactly why I say get a demo done. It’s not flaming, it’s me trying to be nice, and giving you tips on how to get more people interested, I’m sorry if that goes against your view of your own project, but it always helps to listen to others, not flame them for trying to not be just another dick on the internet.

I was (quasi)interested in helping (In GM, C# with or without XNA), but I see I’d find it impossible to work with you.

… OK, you clearly don’t know me.

I wasn’t being totally honest, I’ve learned that people get a little pissed off when I’m honest, but it clearly goes further with you.

I gave you fucking advice, you hear?
'You should post concept art regardless, I could write a well written post, even without having a game.

Also, is this not another case of ‘I have a great idea but I can’t program will someone do it for me PLOX!!!’, except far better written? You should get a tech demo out, or something akin to that, before many will take it seriously.’

Post concept art: Asking for concept art, advising you to show it so you have evidence, I don’t know about you, but I don’t accept bullshit ‘design documents’ as evidence you can create a game, I take it as evidence you can write english.

'Also, is this not another case of ‘I have a great idea but I can’t program will someone do it for me PLOX!!!’, except far better written?'
Constructive criticism: Your post sounds fairly bad, as you’re basicly saying ‘I have an idea, but can’t program worth a damn so can someone else do it’, which as we all know happens far too often. Indeed, I then praised you, on your effective use of language.

’ You should get a tech demo out, or something akin to that, before many will take it seriously.'
I am saying that I can’t take your project seriously when all you have are a couple of drawings (Or say you have, you hadn’t shown them then), and a ‘design document’ (Which you also hadn’t shown). You expect anyone to take you seriously whan you come into a forum, give an incredibly vauge idea of a project, and say ‘I hasm pictures and words, too, but I’m not going to show you them’? Well, tough luck, mate, because I ain’t buying it.

Yeah, in conclusion, this isn’t a fucking project, this is a pipe dream, and barely that. You have nothing. An idea, with no way of putting it across.

You want to do this, do it yourself, because with your attitude, you’re getting nobody.

(For the record, I’m not a fucking troll, anybody who’s seen me online knows that I try to be nice at all times (Unless you insult Vista without evidence or reason, ?_?), and you’re the very stereotype I hate to see. The newbie developer, not a clue how to program, wants others to do all the work, and the moment someone criticizes the project (Actually, seeing as you have no project, that’s not really possible), you insult them, dissect their post and justify why all their criticisms are wrong, and when they step back and say ‘calm down’, you call them a fucking troll for trying to help. Yeah, you’re not going to get anybody with what you’ve got now. No programmer who knows what an if statement is is going to join a project with nothing behind it, run by an idiot.)
(For another record, I’m always open-minded about joining projects. So don’t tell me what my intentions are, because you don’t have a clue about your own, never mind others.)

EDIT: Hmm. I write fast when I’m e-arguing.

EDIT2: I see you edited your post instead of replying.

Let’s put this down straight. You don’t stand a chance in hell, and while you have just called me a dickhead, I assure you, your arrogance burns far brighter than all others at this point.

So, come back when you understand the general concept of making a game, it takes more than a .doc and a few .jpgs :wink:

Oh, you’re unreachable.

You say look at my post history, look at my post history!
I have 780 posts here, that’s rather a lot for one who is apparently a troll.

'I’m not claiming to. I am reacting directly to things you say, and nothing more.'
No, you are assuming my perfectly benign criticism is trolling. It’s not, it’s perfectly benign criticism.

'This doesn’t happen to everybody - It’s obviously a problem unique to you and your attitude. It’s called being a Troll.'
It’s called being honest when someone’s project ain’t gonna happen. Sorry if you took it the wrong way.

'I’m particularly intolerant of trolls.'
Aww, look at the ickle baby, doesn’t realise that when you throw your project into the open, people might notice it’s faults.

'and you have maintained this incredibly friendly tone throughout. It just started out slightly repressed, but even then it was pretty obviously there under a paper-thin veil of sarcasm.'
The only veil was your own, I assure you. I was totally serious at the start of this thread.

'I have plenty, and I don’t care to show it to you.'
LMAO. ‘I do have some, honest. But I’m not going to show you, because… err… TROLL! TROLL!!’

'I can see your intent is not to be insulting at all.'
No, no, that was semi-insulting, semi-wake up call. This isn’t nice PY :slight_smile:

‘Sarcasm doesn’t count. Fuck off and get out, Troll.’

  1. Wasn’t sarcastic at all, I can assure you of that. I gave you the benefit of the doubt, I always do :slight_smile:
    2)Hello, Mr. 7 posts. I don’t really think you’ve seen enough of me, nor these forums, to tell me what I am slash what I should do :slight_smile:

'I am perfectly willing to show them, and I have, to people who are not simply intent on using it as just another target for mockery.'
Show them, then. Like I say, I love concept art (Though mainly after the main modelling and texturing and animation is done, gives a nice sense of how far it’s come), and how can I use something you actually have to mock?
No, all I’m mocking is the stuff you don’t have.

‘Not “getting” you doesn’t equal not “getting” anybody. Again, speak for yourself, and if you’re not interested, by all means get the fuck out, as you clearly have better things to do.’

  1. I’m more likely than most, I’ve found. I do speak for myself, and no, I’m not interested, but I shant be leaving.

And no, I’ve nothing better to do at them moment, I’m waiting for the next level of HL2-SMOD to load (How inefficient must it be, really). Actually, it’s done now, but I’m writing, so I shan’t stop.

'At all times? You aren’t trying to be nice now. I have yet to see this nice person you speak of.'
Ok, you’ve got me there. I try to be nice at most times, and always when greeting new members or projects :slight_smile:

'When was the last time a troll said, “I am a troll”?'
When they’ve been found out slash are really really bad at it slash are using reverse psychology.

'Same to you, buddy.'
Okies, pal.

Start of a sentence needs a capitol letter, you make the grammar nazi in me sad. Also, you’re project leader, and you’re doing… what?

'Oh yeah that’s you, the benevolent peacemaker.'
That’s me. Or rather, was. When you’d just flamed me for being nice.

‘I’ll tell you again: Your only intention here is to be a troll, and that should be obvious to anyone else reading your post history here as well. The bottom line is that your only purpose here is to crap up my thread. If I’m really destined to fail, why not just let me? No, you WANT me to fail. You are here with the sole purpose trying to MAKE it happen.’

Don’t tell me what I am, you’ve said yourself you don’t know me.
Go on, read my post history.
My only purpose here is to be a member of the community slash keep check on P2D, I happened to walk upon your thread, and give you a bit of advice. Indeed, I’d argue it was you who started this crapping.
I would just let you, but seeing as you started flaming me, that would involve walking away from a good debate, and they’re fun :slight_smile:
I don’t want you to fail, don’t say that. Why would I wish someone I dont know ill? That’d be silly.
I’m here with the sole purpose of ruining your project? I… am? How am I going to do that? Is my text really so good you simply cannot work while there is something of mine to write?

In that case, you might want to check out my blog on 64digits, there’s plenty of nice, juicy text there for you to spend time reading.

Oh, and FYI, I use hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr a lot to describe a silly statement, not to describe the silliness of others. Also, I fail to see why the use of the word quasi offends you, it is, after all, just a word in the english language. I do hope you are not offended by my using words you have used, for I fear finding synonyms for many of them would be a difficult task, as I would not wish to offend you.
(And yes, I’ve gone into ‘:)’ mode, good luck screaming at the galaxy)

EDIT: Oh, do stop posting while I am. No more Mr. Nice Pie clearly indicates that at some point, there was a nice py, but he is, alas, no more.
That, I’m afraid, is the situation, except now I’m Mr. Happy py

Oh, and I don’t do sarcasm when there’s no need for it, damnit.

Yo, PY. Cool it a bit. You were fine at first despite Mousse’s protests, but you’re starting to step over the line.

Mousse, if you plan to get anywhere in the game-making community/business/whatever, you’d better learn to take C+C. No one ever made headlines by being told what they did right. They improve by being told what sucks.

True enough but why C+C, I mean GM probably wouldn’t explode with something like this

What? >_>

C+C = comments and criticism. I think you’re thinking of C++…

:blush: oh well, but i believe my point still stands

GM isn’t magic, you still need to take c+c.

yes, yes, yes I get it, i made a whoops but GM could handle this, and I know that you need to learn GML but it’s easier than C++

Why did PY reply to invisible posts 5 times in a row.

I roll like that.

I wouldn’t trust GameMaker’s inherent network play abilities. The only way to get good network play is a good dedicated server–high speed and with a unique, static IP address. Unfortunately, my high speed internet (like many others) lacks a unique, static IP address, and dial-up works, but it still lacks the static IP address and is slow.

The biggest deal is that the IP is unique, though. Could keep a file on a website that always refers to the current IP address of the server, easily enough, if the server’s IP was dynamic.

The best way to do it is to code your own server, and host it somewhere, and use that to give people IPs.

It also looks far more professional.

The position of Lead Programmer has just been FILLED.

5 years experience, and he’s still in high school, and just started summer break. He has experience with OpenGL, network programming, and cross platform development as well.

Thanks for all your help, PY.

Who is it, then?

Keep me posted, eh?

It’s your mom

I’ll just keep your mom posted, and she can fill you in.

Seriously though, I have one, and I don’t feel the need to prove anything to a complete failure like yourself. You have absolutely nothing to offer (I have no need for someone who doesn’t finish their projects AND has a horrible attitude), so I don’t see how sharing anything with you would benefit me in any way

I’m not going to bother updating this thread either, as I have found much better, freindlier, more productive forums to suit my purposes and the admins here apparently consider PY’s idiotic attacks/swearing/insults to be “constructive criticism”. Just a note: It was never what you said, it was how you said it: like a complete loser asshole fanboy.

Don’t bother replying, I’m not coming back. (or do, I don’t really care because I won’t be here)