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Ugh, I always thought those were Torizos showing you where to go. >.< Anyway, they’re still defence mechanisms and there’s nothing wrong with using them in my game.

Go for it. It’s much, much better than this: “I want Kraid, but with Quadraxis armor and those turrets in Metroid Prime 2, because Metroid Prime 2 is so good. Also Samus has the Fusion suit, but not the orange one because that big Metroid in Super Metroid took it. I’m using this, which I made all on my own by editing one pixel that I didn’t like.”

Ehehe. Funny. :slight_smile:

I believe that the Torizo are going to be some of the hardest creatures to sprite…

If you’re already trying to get a GBA look, you shouldn’t really be doing that much spriting. Try using what you see in the GBA Zero Mission as a base.

Eck. Take a look at the Genesis forum post. :slight_smile: The sprites are literally-not purposefully-the size of the NES ones. Much more detailed, I assure you, but I won’t be using any GBA sprites any time soon. Besides, I prefer custom content.

Not bad, but no matter how thin the suit is, your sprites are a tad disproportionate. The abdomen, thighs, and shoulders are too thin, but the head is too big.

The torso is fine, actually. Look at a picture of Samus, her torso below the large armour plate is quite thin. I don’t see how the shoulders are too thin, they’re as big as the head. The head is as small as it can get and not look like crap.

Unless, of course, you’re talking about my large Samus sprite, which is a WIP.


The funniest thing about that post is that says certain games are good in there, but he was flaming them not too long ago. :unamused:

Which ones?

Also, I have created the embodiment of what everyone’s game should never be.

… if they’re as big as the head, they’re too small. Her shoulders are MASSIVE in the games…


Looks about the same size as the head to me.

Yeah, but her head is a bit forward. On top of that, the whole suit is a tad beefier than the custom sprites. I think it closer resembles the 3D models and varios concept pictures.

Suuure. You don’t really expect people to have that kind of name for a fangame, do you? :unamused:
I think you’re WAY over exaggerating on that part. :neutral_face:

Well, there IS one called Fusion 2: Prime Battle… that’s not too far off. XD

Well the “PRIME” has nothing to do with the other games.
There are no other names i can think of.

Prime in the metroid series is essentially just saying 3-d.

Yeah, but it follows a somewhat different story arc than the 2D ones. Read the first post on this topic before replying.

Trust me.

(Yeah, I’m a little late to be posting this)

I disagree.
In fangames, MIDI’s are the #1 choice. MP3’s are over 100 times the size, and for any 56k’ers (like me) a fangame with MP3’s takes forever to download, and it’s rarely worth the wait. MP3’s take up a lot of memory/ram, too. Even more than WAV’s, surprisingly. I can see where you’re coming from, and I’m not saying that MIDI’s are superior to MP3’s, but MIDI’s are definitely better for fangames.

That’s EXACTLY what I was trying to say

You want to know why it’s not worth the wait? Because the games aren’t that good! You’re going to download MP2E whether or not it uses midi - even if it takes hours. The same goes for Super Metroid Classic and any other really good games. Super Metroid Classic is using SPC’s. Those are smaller than midi and loop flawlessly. They also sound good. MP2E (not being able to use the OST) is supposed to make it so that you can listen to the actual music if it’s already on your hard drive. Midi, like with MP2E, should be an option at best.

Sure, if you make a bad fangame, use midi. I’d rather the game be all bad or all good anyway. Or at least do what I just said above and try to make it an option. Or maybe create your own midi (conversions sound bad, but midi created as midi can be fine).

And you’re not late posting this. The whole topic is meant to be about the first post and comments on it.

(Edited):Wait a second, you’re on the P2D team. Why are you posting? Your game has the option to use pre-retrieved MP3’s.

(Edited): I have another quick picture. This title screen isn’t very good. In fact, it’s just bad. But at least it looks better than Super Metroid Prime Fusion… [First Hunt].

Also, use imageshack. They’re just better than whoever else you have.