I'm new here

Heh, that “Metroid Something” caught me off guard. XD

This sucks because I am using MP3’s i my game. Because all the time I look up Metroid midis they dont even sound Close to the actual real song.
But the MP3’s are so dang big I can only send the GAM file to people.
I just plain hate midis.

I still say that your “Super Metroid Prime-whatever” is a bit exagerated. Yeah, there’s Metroid Fusion 2: Prime Battle, which just sounds stupid, but I think your example is going a tad far.

If possible, you’re free to add in midi files to the game, then just make it possible for the user to switch it out.

And trust me, if your game looks more like this than this, it’s time to start over.

I dont get the big deal with the word prime in it. I thought of the name befor i ever heard of metroid prime!

Yes, sure you did. Especially easy considering that Fusion and Prime were released on the same day.

Didnt think you would relise that.

Trying to worm out of any responsibility? I dunno about everyone else here at this Metroid forum, but I’m a Metroid fan. O’course I’d know they came out on the same day.

How come people are complaining about the name now because the project was started a long time ago.

I dunno, but both Hoss Swanson and myself are pretty new. :stuck_out_tongue:

I personally think midis are great for music. The only reason they sound worse to you is because they are incapable of sound effects in the music. Anyways my fangame gives you the option of downloading the music or just listening to any music you have on your hardrive, including but not limited to wav, mp3, xm, midi, and music from a cd in the cd drive.

That and most MIDI’s on the internet are really bad. (example: This has notes wrong, is missing a lot, doesn’t even attempt to repeat well, and the electric bass is off by a few notes, which really bugs me) There’s also the synthesizer problem with MIDI’s.

I can’t believe no one here has pointed out the terrible title of my fangame. I expected that at least one person wouldn’t have noticed it was a working title…

You think that is bad!? Well, it is but it is nothing compared to this song.

THIS is the SA-X battle, It sounds like a sick F$#%ed up clown song.

And THIS, sounds like some Mario song or something, can you tell which song it is?

THIS song is just annoying as heck.

Now do you know what I meen when I say midis suck?

I don’t even know what your game is called. I thought you were working on P2D.

And yes, midi built as midi and meant to be played as midi sounds fine, but crunching something that used to be an MP3, OGG, SPC, or some other larger format will sound bad.

Fine, the game can be jam-packed with every midi ever made if I never have to listen to them.

Check out my site and listen to all the great music on there. All of its midis. Great stuff. www.metroidnm.tk. Under the resources page.

Sorry, but the real music’s got the midi versions beat 100 times over. I’m running with one of the best sound cards out there, and I can’t make that stuff sound like the SPC’s do.

Here, listen to the Super Metroid SPC. It’s only 270KB, and it has every song in Super Metroid. Loops flawlessly, too.

(Edited): The Brinstar Green Remix sounds pretty good, though this one is just horrible.

Do what Primeval is doing and make MP3’s user-selectable.

(Edited): Take a look at this. There’s a nice one at the bottom of the page you should listen to.

I think I will do that. Although it will comepletly destroy the good music i found.

Just send it as a zip to someone who can host it. Send it one by one if you want.

Showing examples of bad MIDI’s does not prove that MIDI’s are bad. I could show examples of some bad MP3’s if you want. But go listen to the originals of those songs. You know, the ones from Fusion. Those MIDI’s are somewhat accurate (with added annoying things, of course, but they at least got some of it right).

Yes, I am a team member of P2D. But I’m also working on a fangame. It’s called Super Metroid Prime 3-D. :blush:
That turns out to be the first line of your bad example but with “3-D” added… The name will change as soon as I think of something better.

You know, that could just be your synthesizer. It sounds just like the original in the one I’m using.

Which one? If you’re talking about the Super Metroid “Titre” Screen, that one sounds good because it is the original one recorded in MP3 format…

Okay, look. I don’t see why people should be flaming MIDI’s just because they noticed some bad ones around. All I’m going to say is this:
Continue talking about whatever you want in this topic that does not include saying that MIDI’s “suck”. We all know that I’m not going to change my opinions and you’re not going to change yours, so why argue about it?

Sure, if you can find a good midi, that’s great. There’s one problem - people are taking Metroid’s soundtrack and converting it to midi. It was never meant to be midi, and so it sounds pretty bad as midi. If you created your own midi, it can sound just fine.

Super Metroid Prime 3D, eh? To that, I re-post this. If your game is just going to be Super Metroid in 3D, by all means call it Super Metroid 3D. If it’s a different game with a different storyline, come up with something new. If it has to do with Prime, add in a ‘Prime’ somewhere. If it doesn’t, leave out that word.