It’s going to feel like a nightmare when it turns out it’s actually a nuclear missile aimed at Seoul, but we didn’t want to shoot it down to avoid war.

God, both North and South Korea are acting like morons. The North is worse, of course, but it’s like watching two kids yell at each other, and get ready to get in a fight. Unfortunately, this “child’s” fight involves Nuclear weapons.

Frickin’ morons are gonna nuke something, and then the world is gonna pay the price.


wtf, mate
the Koreas need to get over whatever it is that they dont like

Well, I’m pretty sure that South Korea just dislikes North Korea. North Korea, however, dislikes the world.

dammit north korea
shut up and eat your cheerios

this is getting more and more nerve racking by the month…cant they just grow up?

I don’t think South Korea really is to blame for any part of this. They’re next to a violent and crazy country the population of which is being starved to death, and a lot of them are related to their own population. Most of North Korea’s income goes straight to the military. I wouldn’t ignore a neighbor like that either. The US involvement is slightly stupider.

I agree, Tim. I guess my first statement about both of them acting like idiots was a little too generalized. By saying South Korea, I also meant the US involvement with them.

But honestly, there’s no reason South Korea and the US can’t just hold their drill off for a couple days until the craziness that is North Korea’s leadership does their little “satellite launch” which it obviously isn’t. There is absolutely no reason to be that anal about one satellite.

Someone needs to just wipe North Korea off the face of the planet somehow. Maybe a gigantic laser built into a massive spherical space station that will look like a moon. People may also claim that it’s too big to be a space station. Sorry, vague Star Wars references aside, North Korea needs to take a chill pill. Seriously.

Lol, yeah right. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now you know wht it feels like when the rest of the world reads about the US.
And if you read some Koeran history you would know why things are like they are today.
We read about it in compulsory school, we even read about russian, japanese and US history. We had to learn shitloads of other crappy countries crappy history.

But that is because we swedes ROCK!

Going to have to agree with the swedes statement, even if I technically live in the US.

Maybe Korea is making these nukes to deal with the alien threat…


Or maybe it’s the Alien energy core like Crysis told us. :stuck_out_tongue:

or maybe theyre dick heads that dont show up in their helicoptor

starcraft may never be the same again :frowning:

@Pomegranate, lol yeah, I watch those matches on youtube all the time. lol yes. Also, I’m not up to date, but I think the whole, blow up N Korea is a good Idea, NUKE THEM FIRST!!! XD Im a fan of war, violence, and massive explosions. I’d be that guy who pushes the button on purpose, and says that it was an accident.

i agree with zurg

Thank god you’re not in a position of power.

And here we thought the world couldn’t get any more screwed up…

Hey, if you wipe them off the face of the planet they don’t fire back. :stuck_out_tongue:

But then all their buddies nuke you, so yeah it’s not a good idea.

It’s better to just let them all die alone in their little shitty bubble.
They are all brainwashed and no one can help them.

And South Korea have their reasons to hate them. And Japan.
That’s the reason Samsung is such a superb brand. They don’t buy cheap japanese shit and put on their own logo. They invent their own technology and build their own stuff.

brb killing my grandparents since they grew up during Stalin’s reign. Brainwashed, obv.

Funnily enough, most of the posters here seem to match Kim Jong-Il in strength of character.
“Let’s nuke them all, because we’re better than them.”