L4D 2 Boycott

Lynk heer.

Protest Valve’s corner-cutting abomination by boycotting Left 4 Dead 2.

Okay, it’s an abomination, but seriously. They should be working on Episode 3. Huge disappointment at E3. And everything that is being added to L4D2 should be the DLC we were promised.


If you do not agree with my opinion on the subject, no flaming, please.

valve’s a giant pussy

updates of L4D would be loads better then a second

The thing with L4D2 is that there are things that are being modified under the hood, where this would be possible as a patch or something on the PC, it wouldn’t be possible on 360. After the bollocks with TF2 there not giving PC gamers something that big as an exclusive again. PC gamers would feel like they just got fucked if L4D2 were a 360 exclusive and 360 owners would feel fucked if they had to pay for a new box and PC gamers got it free/as payed DLC.

Well, I’m buying it. I’m not necessarily happy about the fact that we don’t get to see Zoey, Francis, Bill, and Louis again, but whatev.

Yeah, everyone says that they’re boycotting it, but nobody’s gonna follow that through. Also, new DLC for L4D 1 being announced by the end of summer. But yes, I do think that L4D2 is basically what L4D SHOULD have been. Not that it wasn’t freaking awesome to start with.

i’m not buying it for sure… especially since i didn’t like the first one anyway


Well, even if a group of people DO boycott it, there’s enough people (like me) who will buy it, meaning that Valve will be rolling in money, just a little bit less money than the amount of money they rolled in with the first L4D.

About 30,000 x 50 dolars less.

So somewhere around $1,500,000 less.

and yet theres millions of other people ready to buy! xD

QFT, +1, Agreed, Etc.

@Phlakes: Just how many of those 30,000 people do you expect to actually follow through on that? Especially when the rest of the world will be raving about how awesome it is?

Not that it matters anyway. >_>

There are actually 38,000 people. I already took that stuff into account.

I think you put too much faith in people who sign petitions.

Besides, It’s Left 4 Dead 2! Why wouldn’t you buy it?

WE GOT BILLS- oh wait…

You DO realize that Valve wasn’t the one that decided to make L4D2 right?

The dev team gets to vote on what gets made next, so you shouldn’t be angry at Valve but their employees.

Which is exactly why a boycott against a company like Valve is a stupid idea in the first place. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s really surprising actually, I never thought I’d see the day when PC gamers were hating at Valve of all people. I mean 360 owners were pissed about the TF2 thing, and PS3 owners aren’t happy about the whole “we don’t like programming for the PS3” but this is the first time I’ve ever seen PC gamers angry at valve, it just seems wrong, its like nintendo gamers angry at nin–

oh wait.

If anyone actually followed the link and read about it, it would explain a lot more.

Now that, I lol’d at. Hard.

It’s good to know I can still take jokes that are directed at me. (I’m a Nintendo Fanboy, obviously :stuck_out_tongue:)

That was a good one, Syntax.

On another note, Phlakes, I followed that link, read it, and said to myself, “Wow, we’re now protesting the things that entertain us…So when do the temper tantrums begin when that doesn’t work?”

In other words, I think protesting the release of a sequel to a very successful game is really fucking childish.

To continue with this line of reasoning, here’s an example.

A group of kids decide to get Ice Cream from the ice cream man one day. They all get the same cherry red Popsicle, and they love it. The ice cream man, overjoyed that they all love his ice cream, says “Hey Kids! If you want, I’ll give you accessories to that Popsicle, like two sticks!” This sounds like a really good idea to the kids, and they agree.

Some time later, the ice cream man comes back to the group of kids and says “Well, kids, that Popsicle was so successful, that instead of giving you the accessories I promised, I’m giving you a brand new Popsicle!” a bunch of the kids look at this new Popsicle, and are thoroughly impressed. A couple things disappoint them about it, like how it’s not Cherry flavored, but that’s okay because the rest of it looks amazing.

But there’s a couple kids who don’t like the new Popsicle. Little Johnny then says to the ice cream man “Hey! I don’t like that you aren’t gonna give us what you said you would! I’m not buying the new Popsicle!” Well, the ice cream man looks a little disappointed in Little Johnny, but he continues on his way, and sells the new Popsicle to other kids. And for the rest of the summer, Little Johnny doesn’t get the new Popsicle, and has to watch all the other kids enjoy theirs. The End.

So yeah, here’s my reasoning: Having 40,000 people boycott L4D 2 isn’t going to do shit. You’re just cheating yourselves out of what will probably be an amazing game. So, in other words, sucks to be you guys.