Well, what languages do you know, are learning, or plan on learning?

I know english (obviously, my first language), and I am in the process of learning French. I am in french 2 in high school and there are currently only 2 students in the class (thats awkward and sucks) but its kinda a small school…

i wanna learn german and japanese <_<

oh also, i know japanese hiragana (their syllabal based alphabet, well one of them) and plan on maybe learning the rest of it in the future.

If i plan to persue translation as my career, I may also learn German, Swedish, and/or Russian (interest in descending order)

Russian is cool too, might do that also

Liks should like this.

I wanted to learn Swedish, but the closest they had to it was German in my school. So I know German. Or at least enough to order a couple of food items, say I love them, and if I’m lucky, say goodbye to people.

The class is repetitive, in case you didn’t catch my drift. I’ve been taking it for two fucking years, and everything I know I learned in the first month.

you need a different teacher then.

my french teacher is very good. he doesn’t relate to the students well but he teaches the lanuage very well (better than our school’s previous french teacher)

swedish would be a fun language to learn. I heard it has some similarities to german, and therefore to english, and plus, their verbs dont conjugate for the present tense! now that’s easy!

fun fact:
1]I am happy
2]You are happy
3]He/she/it is happy
4]we are happy
6]they are happy

1]je suis heureux (i am male, therefore i use the masculine form of the adjective)
2]tu es heureux/heureuse (heureuse is the feminine form of the adjective)
3]il/elle/on est heureux/heureuse
4]nous sommes heureux
5]vous etes heureux/heureuse (this is not included in the english section. this is for plural you and respectful you)
6]ils/elles sont heureux/heureuse

1]jag ar glad
2]du ar glad (you can see the correlation between you and du… sound similar)
3]han/hon ar glad
4]vi ar glad (you can see the correlation between vi and we… it is pronounced the same but with the v sound.)
5]ni ar glad (might be wrong :stuck_out_tongue:)
6]not sure about this one

japanese (replaced happy with ninja. the verb, desu, comes last. wa is a subject marker that comes after subjects) :
1]watakushi wa ninja desu
2]anata wa ninja desu
3]kare/kanojo wa ninja desu
4]watakushi-tashi wa ninja desu
6]kare-ra wa ninja desu

the swedish verb ar would normally have 2 twin dots atop the a (designating it with a short e sound if i’m correct as in pandemic) but my keyboard doesn’t support accents

another thing to mention is that japanese romaji pronounciation works like this: a is the short a sound as in ah. i is a long e sound as in EEK! u is pronounced ooh in “ooh… ahh.” e is pronounced as the e in pandemic. o is pronounced a long o.
pronounce vowel combinations as if both vowels were next to eachother but spoken quicky and in the same syllable. ai would be the long I sound because ahhee smushed together is pronounced phonetically like that.

the japanese letter R is a mix somewhere between L and a rolling R and I haven’t yet mastered it.

Well, it’s so much the teacher’s fault as it is the rest of the students. Half of them don’t even want to be in there, and they slow everyone else down.

sucks for you… at least you don’t have 2 ppl in the class :stuck_out_tongue:

the girl i’m in there with is very very quiet and i’m not the best at talking with new people i haven’t really known. we never seem to talk to eachother xD thats the only class we have in common.

also forgot to mention that pronouns like watakushi and anata are often omited because you can find out what they were meaning by context, therefore to be technical, most likely it would be said as follows:
ninja desu

they often abbriviate words as well, therefore watakushi is often just said watashi or washi

I learned a bit of French and, for family reasons, I want to learn Swedish.
Je compres un petite Francaise.
(…even that was heavily bullshitted, I think there’s some masculine/feminine grammar errors, too <_< Also, no accents.)

Edit: I get what you mean with the R, but it sounds more akin to a D than an L to me? I dunno, I can’t explain it well, but I actually have the sound down. Kind of a rolling R with an accent at the end tip of it? I dunno.

uhh i believe the root for the verb you are using is comprendre therefore, for a basic verb conjugation (which i’m pretty sure you got correct):

je comprends
tu comprends
il/elle/on comprend
nous comprendons
vous comprendez
ils/elles comprendent

but i can’t shake the feeling that it has an aspect of prendre (to take) whose conjugation is the same but following its pattern comprendre would be:

nous comprenons
vous comprenez
ils/elles comprennent

petite is the feminine form of the adjective you want to use. francais is masculine (you got that right) so therefore you need to use petit instead.

literally translated your sentence would be

I understand a little french,
but then again its not good to literally translate so i’m unsure as to whether you were correct in using un francais for your object.

Hense bullshitted =P

Although I’m fairly sure on Compres, that’s one our French teacher kinda hammered into us (…so we could say “Je ne compres pas” when we were confused.), but I’ll go look it up.

Edit: wtf, apparently no one can agree on “comprehend” in french. Compres, compris, blegh.

it also could be there are 2 very similar verbs


interesting bit i found on the intarweb randomly and tried to translate it. it was a question and answer… i just bothered with the question

Pourquoi Hy?res ? Quand nous avons enfin re?u nos visas, nous avons d?cid? de vivre dans le Sud de la France afin de profiter du beau temps. Nous adorons Paris, Rouen et Toulouse, mais l’hiver est impossible dans le Nord et un peu dur m?me ? Toulouse. En plus, nous voulions ?tre pr?s de la plage. Puisque nous avons une amie qui habite Hy?res et qui nous a invit?s ? rester avec elle, nous sommes venus ici au d?part pour explorer la r?gion de Montpellier jusqu’? Nice.

Why Hyeres (french city i suppose)? when we have finally renewed our visas (renewed our visas i’m not so sure about), we decided to live in the south of france and profit from the good weather. we adore paris, rouen, and toulouse, but the winter is impossible in the north and even a little in toulouse (i assume toulouse is more temperate). and plus, we would want to be near the beach. plus, we have a friend who lives in hyeres and who invited us to stay with her. (last sentence is a little fuzzy but i’ll give my scoop) we also agreed on exploring the region of montellier up till nice (as well).

Damn pluralist languages.

see edit as well if you’re interested

Swedish, norwegian, german, english and esperanto.
I’m still learning esperanto at

I know some russian, spanish and french. Enough to order food and beer at least.

I’ve grown up in a town where we have car testers from around the world every winter.
There are like 2200 perople living there all year around, 1500-2000 car testers every winter and about 1000-1500 tourists every summer so one have to learn some languages to get a job there.

1] jag ?r glad
2] du ?r glad
3] han/hon ?r glad
4] vi ?r glada <- Plural
5] ni ?r glada <- Plural
6] de ?r glada <- Plural

We have a lot of german in our language and the norse have much english in theirs.
So I guess that you should have a bit eaasier to learn swedish if you learn german first.

And the best way to learn swedish is to speak it. You should all visit sweden and give Dee a wedgie from me.


I tried to learn french. failed horribly because I didn’t really care. <_<;

I was working on Japanese, but our teacher failed.

I plan to continue, however, because I plan on moving to Japan.

  1. Yo estoy contento/a
  2. Tu estas contento/a
  3. El/Ella/Usted esta contento/a
  4. Nosotros estamos contento/a
  5. Vosotros estais contento/a
  6. Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes estan contento/a

I have a Spanish test today, actually.

I’m fluent in Russian, English, and C++ >.>
I took 3 years of French, but I suck at that (the infinitive is comprendre though, last I checked), and I REALLY want to learn Chinese. For real.

CPP is just as much a language as english… just a little different interface and purpose :stuck_out_tongue: