Mah Sprahts and Other Notable Works


Small update. I’ll continue with rolling updates as I keep writing. It’s like a serial novel, but exclusive to you guys.

Steve?s mind begins to slightly fade. He feels it, fully aware of his slipping consciousness, and enthralled by the sensation. The idea of losing mental control (now this doesn?t mean instability, just less control, like a dream) has always fascinated him. Recognizing his changing emotions, when he feels depressed during a low pressure system, he can almost not comprehend the workings of his mind in these circumstances. He becomes unaware of his surroundings, drifting into another state of consciousness, still awake but shifting through his reality. He loses his sense of presence and time, and is surrounded by the projections of his mind.
The stove beeps. Steve realizes he was over-thinking the situation. ?It?s still fascinating though.? Steve had considered a psychology minor, but instead went with the safer path of English, something he had always been able to understand well, it being a concrete idea and all. He still studies psychoanalysis, looking into the theories of Jung and Nietzsche and Freud and that entire generation of psychologists. He slides off the counter, feeling a sharp pain in his bare feet as he hits the floor. He picks the egg up from behind the spoon, returning the spoon to a ceramic jar. Steve takes a breath and composes himself for the coming trials. He holds the egg over the edge of the pan, making the motions of the actions he must soon perform. That he will only have one chance to perform. The pressure builds inside him, physically in his chest, and his hands begin to perspire. He decides to go through with it before his hands are unsuitable.

Steve lifts the egg up, maybe half a foot above the pan, and strikes it on the edge. It doesn?t break completely open. A crack appears, spanning nearly half the egg?s circumference. Steve slides his thumb between the sections and pries it open. The yellow mass falls into the pan in a pool of white, literally and figuratively, in an interesting coincidence. Steve feels accomplished. He tosses the shell in a loose trash bag and rinses his hands of the stray egg substance. Go to the store, get eggs.

He decides to change clothes while the egg is cooking. He realizes he can?t remember the last time he put on a new pair of jeans. ?It might?ve been Tuesday. Or Monday. Or? yeah, I think? I probably put on some new ones for work on Monday. That would make sense.? Not that Steve consistently makes sense. He changes pants anyway, something that will not be described in detail, as that would require an emergency medical team present and the signing of a small few waivers covering liability for psychological trauma or death.

He returns to the kitchen and investigates the sizzling egg. ?I don?t like that word. Sizzling. It?s like ?moist.? But I don?t really have a problem with that one.? The egg is near completion. Steve watches over it, shakes the pan a bit, and keeps watching. He takes a plate down from a cabinet and sets it near the stove. The edges of the egg white are becoming slightly brown, and Steve slides a spatula under it. He lifts it, accidentally leaving a small amount in the pan, and drops it on the plate. He places the pan in the sink and runs some water over it. He opens a drawer near him and takes a fork, then reaches for a pepper shaker. He enjoys his egg to a great degree. Although it is a bit overcooked. He knows he should have taken it off as soon as he noticed brown on its edges.

Steve decides that he will put off washing the rest of the dishes for the night, although he knows that this will never happen and he will have more to do the next morning. But he doesn?t care. He has other business to attend to.


Alright guys. I need your help. You get to decide the course of the rest of the story.

Where does Steve work?

-It has to be realistic
-It needs to be something where he can wear casual clothes
-It needs to be relatively low-paying, as in not a neural surgeon or anything
-It has to be able to be located in New York City

EDIT: Also, does anyone still have that language I posted a long time ago? Like in your Downloads folder or something?


Garbage man.


You know, that’s actually perfect, because later, he’s going to get in WAAAAAAAAY over his head in some illegal shit his boss is involved in. And a waste disposal company is a great way to do illegal shit.


Why do you not have it? :wink:

If worse comes to worse, you could always make one, and make it up as you go, but keep it documented, continuity is generally a good thing.


Because my computer died a while ago, and the only thing I had time to save was my My Pictures folder.

And the file I uploaded can’t be found anymore.


Dude, use swedish. Link


Sorry, I meant this.

EDIT: Okay, I’m a bit confused. I don’t think I know exactly what you meant, Syntax.

Anyway, I don’t need the language for this thing, I was just reminded of it and wanted to see if I could get it again.


I also think the garbage man would be a good job. Or maybe a taxi cab driver. They can do lots of illegal stuff. What’s Steve’s last name anyhow?


Well, the business is a front for illegal shit that Steve doesn’t know about, so waste disposal would be perfect. Like that mission with the diamonds in GTA IV.

And I haven’t though about his last name. I might not give him one unless it needs to be said.


Well, if his unknown illegal actions catch up with him, they’ll need his last name in court.


Right, make sure you give him a social security number, bank account debit card password and a statement reviewing his finances over the past year.


Non sequitur, but I JUST NOW LEARNED that you are Sgt. Cortez. HI!!!


I think it’s satirizing the information that is required of the characters to write a story.


well, technically, she’s also metroidkid and lilium.


A (very) short film for a local festival, with an original score by our own Dan Andromeda.

(Sorry about everything I had to do to the music…)


I watched it last night. I though it was pretty interesting, the notes being a nice touch.


So I just finished Megaman 3 recently and I was bored today.

Also, a snazzy little icon for this thing I do.


If I ever create a developer, it will be called Psyche Studios, and its logo will look a little something like this-

Which will animate into this-



And, if you’re interested, an early concept for another film project. Sort of a teaser, I guess. The script is getting close to being finished.