Mah Sprahts and Other Notable Works


I does. And yeah, a custom texture pack would be nice. I can’t sprite for beans, so is there anything I can do to help?


I can’t believe I haven’t posted this yet.

It’s a quick little English project I did last semester, which was assigned while reading The Phantom of the Opera. To put it in perspective, another person’s project was a one and a half-minute flute piece, and another was a two-sided drawing.

Part 1

Part 2

And if you notice something (you’ll know if you see it, especially because it happens multiple times), it’s those damn whales. You wouldn’t believe the problems we had with them.

Also, thread title has been revised accordingly.

EDIT: This is Bob. He watches you while you sleep. Murder makes him happy.


Finally finished with my countless edits.

And for reference, this is the first version, which I’m pretty sure I posted here somewhere-


Yeah the top one DEFINITELY looks a lot better than the bottom one. glad you got rid of the outlines (I’m still relying on them, which is bad D: ). The outlines make them look a lot more cartoony.


Most notable changes are her left arm and torso, although the legs, helmet, and chest are also edited.
Old one for reference-


Now with extra fancy shit and an alternate, Prime-style helmet.


Its not really Prime style so much as it is Prime 2 Echoes style :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the rest of it, the left arm still looks a little wonkey, can’t really put my finger on why though…


Our left or her left?


It is in fact our left.


Then it’s because that’s the same arm from the first time I worked on this, which you can see here. This whole thing is only for practice, so I figured I’d leave the shading there as a reference. I might redo it someday.


that’s the part that looks fucked up.


Yep, that and the shoulder are still untouched.


Alright, I have some good news and some relatively bad news. Relative to the good news I mean. After being in a computer science class for a while and doing all my hobby programming, I finally started, today, making this thing-

-an actual program. Now, right now I’m still building the basic functions, so there’s only a line tool and a primitive brush, but it’s tough building an image editing program from scratch. And still being a beginner at programming, I’ve run into some issues that I need help with. If some of you have experience with making image editing programs in Java. Which I doubt. So if any of you think you can help, go ahead and tell me.

But for now, this is what I’m hoping for the program that I know is plausible in Java-

-All the standard tools, line, fill, ellipse, etc.
-A region select tool that selects every connected pixel of the same color
-A color select/replace tool
-The palette system I talked about earlier (might edit all that in here sometime)
-A real time animation system that works somewhat like layers. You can have multiple “frames” open in one project which you can cycle through, using already made ones for reference and all that, and you can play a preview of the animation at any time, and then save it as an animated GIF. This’ll be a bitch to make
-Fully variable zoom, basically just entering a value to zoom to, 247% if you want, or just a standard 800%
-Transparency support

If there’s anything else that would help pixel artists, tell me. That’s what I’m aiming for here, the perfect program for spriting and pixel art.


Looks like an older version of paint, though then again everybody seems to hate newer versions so I can see the apeal.


Layers. Makes it great to try things out on new layers so you can toggle them and such.

Showing my support by making a custom UI. :smiley:


A little series, just for fun-


What’s this? Phlakes attempted to write something? Why yes, he did.

I’m planning on expanding this into an epic novel full of action and romance and alternate dimensions and car stunts and explosions and all that shit. At least, that’s what Steve is planning. And sometimes there’s no stopping him.

Steve is a human being. Such a thing is usually not worth mentioning, but Steve believes it to be so, and so it has been mentioned. Steve is also living. To clarify, he is a living human being. He lives in an interesting land, sometimes called magical, or said to be ?where [his] cousins used to live,? but Steve knows it as his home. People often ask how he feels about his home. He thinks it is his home. He usually responds with something similar to ?it?s my home.? Occasionally, if he is in a better mood than the day before (it?s all relative to him, you see. The general mood he is in doesn?t affect him as much as how it contrasts his mood yesterday), he will respond with more detail, perhaps ?I don?t know, I guess I was born here. That makes it my home, I guess.?

But today Steve is in a different place. It confuses him. He is confused. ?No,? he says, ?it?s not redundant; I can be confused at the same time as being confused.?

But he realizes he was a bit vague, in two ways. He wasn?t necessarily in a different location. He woke up on the floor. This was perhaps the most confusing part. And while on the subject, he believes he was vague in his explanation of his confused state. He can be confused by something, receiving the act of confusion, and he can be in a state of confusion, confused being an adjective rather than a verb in this case. Both being ?confused.? Although that is a little redundant. But you don?t need to tell him that. His hip hurts this morning. 

He figures he fell on the floor, possibly rolled off his bed during the night, but he wonders why this did not wake him. Perhaps he was in a deep sleep when this occurred. Perhaps not. He tries to think of other explanations to be more specific, but he really can?t. ?I really can?t. I?m sorry. Just, just go with it.? He says to go with it. I would oblige him, he?s tired.

Steve wearily forces himself up by his arms. He imagines he is performing a push-up. It does not encourage him. ?Actually, it?s a bit discouraging.? Steve is up anyway. He pulls his jeans up a bit and looks meaningfully at the window. If he could sing, or whistle, or hum, or if he knew an appropriate song of which to do these things, he would not hesitate to do so. Unfortunately (but fortunately for any poor soul who would be in earshot of an atrocity such as that), he can do none of these things. Steve leaves his quaint bedroom and enters his bathroom. ?I call it quaint. Really, what I mean is exceptionally small. But that?s what I get for not being able to pay for a bigger place.? Actually, this place of Steve?s residence was owned by his cousin, Bill. Or William. Steve does not remember which his cousin prefers. Not that it matters to either of them.

Steve is still entering the bathroom. He has now entered the bathroom. He does not feel accomplished. He picks up his little toothbrush and rubs the crust out of the bristles. He turns on the faucet. A familiar rushing sound fills the quaint bathroom. ?Yep, also quaint.? No water emerges. Steve hits the faucet. Water begins to emerge. Steve brushes his teeth, slightly wincing each time he feels a small object on his tongue.

His alarm clock rings. ?Son of a bitch.? Apologies. Steve cannot always control himself around company. He spits out the frothy, minty, saliva mixture he has been accumulating and leaves to turn off his alarm. The alarm complies with no resistance, surprising Steve. ?It just seems like one of those days. I have a feeling something?s gonna be wrong at work. I?ll probably have to work two shifts today. Someone?ll be sick, I just know it. I can tell these sort of things. It?s like magic. Or it?s more like ?I know how bad my day is gonna be.? Er? Nevermind.

?But really, it seems like every day is bad. Yesterday I trip on the sidewalk, and I- wait, maybe that?s why my hip hurts. Or maybe it?s because I fell off my bed. Or it could be both, I don?t know. Anyway, each day has kinda sucked more than the last.? HE starts losing his train of thought and believes himself to be amusing. ?It?s ?cause o? the man, man. It?s a conspiracy. They?re conspiring against me! I tell ya?, man! Man!? Steve laughs quietly to himself. He enters the kitchen and approaches the refrigerator, opening it. He stares into it, hoping for a glimmer of enlightenment into the subject of his coming breakfast. He receives no such enlightenment and opens the carton of eggs in the refrigerator door. Only one egg remains, and it will now be his breakfast. It will be brutally mutilated and destroyed, and burned beyond recognition to satisfy one insignificant, lonely man for a few hours. ?And I wouldn?t have it any other way. Wait, remember, go to the store, get eggs.? Steve looks at the stove top and realizes he forgot a pan. He places the egg on the countertop, slowly, keeping it from rolling, and bends down, opening the cabinet under his stove. He hears a faint sound near him. He springs up, catching sight of the egg speeding toward its untimely demise against Steve?s kitchen floor. Luckily, for the both of them, Steve stops it just before the end of its fatal journey, puts it back to its earlier position, and places a wooden spoon in front of it. He feels clever and reaches for the pan again, this time uninterrupted, and consequently successful. Go to the store, get eggs. He lays the pan on the burner nearest him and turns it on, then lifts himself onto the counter on the stove?s other side and sits down. Go to the store, get eggs.


So what exactly is the perspective, an angry id living in Steve or…


I guess it’s like if you and the narrator are standing right beside Steve, all aware of each other, and the narrator is narrating everything directly to you while it’s happening.

At least that’s what it most sounded like.

If you want to get into the literary shit, it emphasizes Steve’s personality to have a different persona narrating but still get into his thoughts.


You could use the HR-tag when you want a horizonal line. :wink:

[sub]It[/sub] [sup]looks[/sup] 1[sub]3[/sub]3[sup]7[/sup].