Metroid Fails

FAIL (i did not mirror this image, in fact you can read the words in the background)

Have you thought it was perhaps a concious design decision?

Not everyone is ambidextrous, mate, someone dedicated enough to make it certainly know which arm the cannon goes on.

Looks like the wearer took a dump in the suit.

Cannon aside, that’s pretty sweet. :astonished:

the hell is that made of?
some plastic scraps?

I doubt it was a matter of something to do with comfort, i mean, if you’re gonna put that much effort into a costume, you’re gonna want it to look right.

Yeah, the person who made an entire power suit costume out of dedication to the series had NO idea which arm the cannon went on.

Sounds plausible, yeah.


you know, I’ve seen nintendo put the arm cannon on the wrong arm

its not that big of a deal… i mean, at least they made the effort to make that fucking sweet suit

Yeah, but Nintendo also made Metroid Prime: Hunters. Not exactly the best people to be in charge of Metroid.

exactly, people make mistakes, i’m nuts about the series and I sometimes make fatal flaws in my fan art. I don’t know why you’re defending this guy/girl so aggressively so calm down, it’s supposed to be funny, not a huge debate.

I just think that flaming them because they made concessions for usability is ridiculous. Sorry if you think being able to write properly is less important than having a minor flaw.

i wonder which they are <_<

It’s Daz.



we’re all dead

I can see the resemblance.

I know I’m a little late, but…I agree with PY’s posts on the first page. It was most likely a conscious design change so as to make the suit more comfortable for the user, most likely a left handed person. Hammering them for that seems a little cruel, even for the internet.

You mean a right handed person, since you can be free to move the fingers of your right hand.

But that’s what I think it is too.

Either Samus is left-handed, or she doesn’t have much need to write things down.

I always imagined Samus as a right-handed person, because my left arm is not nearly as strong as my right, and thus I wouldn’t be able to lift the Arm Cannon with my left, but I could with my right. So Samus would be right-handed, because her right arm is stronger…or maybe I’m a freak who doesn’t work out, I don’t know.

But…I don’t know, now that I think about it. She might as well be left handed…