Metroid Shadows

Shadows is not dead, just inactive at the moment.

My brother and I are trying (and failing) to make a game. I’m working on the sprites and a little programming and all help is appreciated.
During Super Metroid, while the Pirates had the metroid hatchling, they cloned it and took its clones to a planet to start breeding them. They put them in highly pressurized chambers with a temperature of over 1000 degrees F to see if they could survive deep inside the mantle of the planet. After breeding them long enough, they transported them down and sealed off everything under the crust. Just when the project was reaching its end, the Pirates got a message about their Zebesian base being destroyed. They evacuated the planet and left the metroids to breed themselves until they could be safe from Samus.

The Galactic Federation traces the message to the planet and sends Samus to investigate and hopefully drive the Pirates off the planet. Surprisingly to her, the Pirates are gone.


It’s hard to read so you don’t accidentally see anything, but I bet everyone will read it anyway–

After finding none of the pirstes anywhere on the planet, she goes back up to her ship to leave. When she gets there, it’s gone too. She searches for the ship and discovers the Metroid breeding project. Even if she found the ship, Samus would have no choice but to destroy the Metroids and anything else the Pirates would use against the Federation.

(Not really a “team”, but everyone who’s helping)

Me(Phlake Jr.)-- Director/Lead Spriter (not saying I’m better, just that I’m leading it)

Candy Man Criminal-- Spriter

Zurginator-- Spriter

Rundas45-- Spriter

Saber Mage-- Lead Programmer

Infinity’s End and Betatronic for their ever so helpful Metroid edits

After landing in the base.

The farthest I’ve gotten on the tileset.
With powerups.

The Varia and Gravity sheets. Others are done too.

The metroid (it’s animated but not yet a GIF)

The beams (animated but still in progress)

Some of the sprites are finished, like all of Samus’ movements, metroids, a few other enimies, about half of the tiles for the base, surface, and caves. What we have left is these:

yellow= finished
red= needed for demo

(Excluding my tragic death)

I. Enemies:
1. Alpha-Omega metroids–Edits by Infinity’s End and Betatronic

2. Random Zebesian/SR388-ian enemies
3. Medium sized red floating thing w/ one big eye
4. Large sized red floating thing w/ one big eye–CMC

5. BOSS: Huge red floating thing with one big eye-In progress by CMC
6. BOSS: Giant robot
7. BOSS: Lava golem-In progress by Zurg
8. Small enemy that uses two scimitar like claws to pull itself across a ceiling,
then drops down like a skree

9. Spiky four-legged thing
10. Mutaded Dessgeega
11. BOSS: Giant mutated Dessgeega
12. Lots of types of Space Pirates–Rips
13. anything else you can think of

II. Backgrounds:
1. Pirate base landing area
2. Random Pirate base stuff
3. Sky and mountains–Edited rip
4. Rocky cave–Edited rip
5. Lava filled cave
6. Fiery death place with lava and fire
7. Sand dunes
8. Ocean surface
9. Deep ocean floor
10. Ocean caves
11. Metroid breeding area
12. Ginormous sphere of liquid metal surrounded by lava
13. Melting rocky cave
14. Save/Map/Recharge rooms
15. Volcano innerds

III. Tiles
1. Tiles to go with backgrounds
2. Breeding pods
3. Crates
4. Lots of crates.
5. Destroyed metal things
6. Lava
7. Water
8. Cooled lava

IV. Items–DONE!!!
1. Bomb powerup
2. Beam powerups (can’t be the little Chozo things, there are no Chozo here)
3. Energy tanks–Edits
4. Spider ball powerup–Edits
5. All other powerups from Super Metroid except missile, super missile(including expansions for both), charge beam–Edits
6. Spinning “S” symbol on the circle for the suit powerups

V. Miscellaneous
1. Pirate ships
2. Bomb slots
3. Debris (rock and metal)
4. Anything else you can think of


Q: What program are you using for the engine?
A: Game Maker.

Q:When will a demo be ready?
A: When Saber’s engine is done

Q: What can I do to help?
A: Almost anything.

Q: Will the project die?
A: Not unless my hard drive gets wiped and we have to start completly over.

Very interesting. I like the idea. The ship looks pretty cool. I’m assuming your icon has something to do with the game? It’s…I dunno…cool lol. What’s with the last beam? I’m curious…

It’s a new one, we’re not sure what we’re calling it yet, and it leaves lasting damage like some kind of fire thing.

And my avatar is going to be a miniboss.

is the suit custom or ripped from a game?

It’s actually SA-X with some custom animations, like the spin jump, which is Super Metroids animation resized and recolored, with a few edits.

ah. thought it looked familiar :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I like this whole thing all around. :smiley: I ain’t no good at programming, but if you need any sprite help, I can try to assist…

Yes, I’ll help as well…once my computer is back in operation that is.

lol same here

Thanks, we’ve been trying for two years and this was as far as we got. Maybe it will actually get finished…

ive decided im going to pitch in as much as i can

Ah, you (Phlake Jr.) are the one who requested permission to use the engine I created, aren’t you? I apologize - I sliiightly ignored you’re request 0:). You should’ve sent me a link to this topic, or some of your work! Despite your politeness, I still regarded (albeit somewhat blindly) it as possibly “noobish.” It is, however, clear to me now that you’re a fairly experienced spriter and graphics artist. Because of this, I am reconsidering :slight_smile:.

There are a few concerns I have though:

  • The engine is not pefect. It still contains a few glitches and inconsistencies:
    > Falling through floors when touching a wall and trying to jump to the right - only happens sometimes.
    > Morphball goes up the steepest bottom-right-to-top-left slopes with no friction or decrease in speed.
    > Morphball sometimes acts like there are walls where there are no walls in mid-air.
    It would most certainly be a necessity that you have a willing-and-able GML programmer to fix these glitches. I’d like to think that the engine’s programming is by no means novice, therefore you would also need an intermediately skilled/experienced programmer to find solutions to these glitches.

  • In order to use the engine with your sprites and other graphical works, quite a few in-code adaptations/changes would be necessary for collisions and other physical properties to accurately work with the differently-sized sprites you use for Samus. This too would require a fairly experienced GML scripter to analyze and modify code. However, if you’re good at examining and understanding specific parts of code, you could perhaps cover for this.

  • The engine includes no arm cannon functionality. Once again, a programmer would need to analyze the code to make it interface correctly with crouching, jumping, and etc.

So I guess essentially, I’m saying that there’s quite a bit more scripting and bug-fixing to be done. If you feel you can leave this task up to your brother, or have a decent programmer you can employ as part of the team for your project (assuming you want a team of sorts), then I may very well be willing to give the engine to you.

On the other hand, because the engine is so buggy, because I haven’t worked on it in a while and am therefore somewhat defamiliarized, and because I now have a better idea of how I would make a 2D Metroid engine work, I’d almost like to say that I’d be willing to create a new engine from scratch for your project :slight_smile:. In this way I could make a more efficient engine, better-suited not only for your sprite work, but also for a Metroid game in general.

To be honest, I do not know how much time or how often I could assume work on the project, but I’d be glad to try my best. The only potential problems with this idea are that, my OS is Windows Vista, therefore I cannot run any version of GM 6. I can however run GM 5.3a, and GM 7+, as well as GM 6 executables converted to a Vista-usable format. The original engine that you requested was created in GM 6.1, and of course could be converted to a .gmk if necessary.

Tell me what you think of these ideas, and which, if any, you are most interested in! (Whew, much typing.)

(P.S.: That “planet” needs a name! :stuck_out_tongue:)

@ Saber Mage && Phlake

im rather good at making things work
glitch removal and such
i might be able to handle at least some of these issues
if not all


although i seem to have missplaced Gamemaker Pro and everything to do with it

this is what happens when a computer is crap!

seriously, i lose more thing on here then i do in real life
(which if you know me is alot)

((though none of you know me))

Hahah, I can relate to that :stuck_out_tongue:. I don’t lose things extremely often, but I’m notorious for losing things with no explanation as to how I lost them, and the inability to find them for a relatively long period of time.

Well, keep in mind that Phlakes Jr. hasn’t responded to my post yet. Once he does though, we can both have a better idea of what his desires for this project are. And just a tip: if you’d like him to consider using you as a programmer for the project, you may want to have samples of your scriptwork ready to show :stuck_out_tongue:.

To be honest, if I am to give out the engine, I myself would like to see the capability and experience of whoevers’ hands it will be going into - before I send it off.

Saber Mage, if you want to make an engine from scratch, I would be perfectly fine with that. Having other people to help might get my brother to work again.

I can give you some things my brother has programmed, though he’s so lazy ther isn’t much to show,but he’s fairly skilled with GML.

CMC, again I don’t want to be annoying, but could I see anything you’ve programmed? It’s not like I’m going to pick and choose people to help, I just want to see what you’ve done before.

i have a few things that ive done laying around
but i cant see which is which, because Game Maker is failing
i have it now, but it just wont open 0.o
everything slows down like its thinking it gunna open
then poof, nothing


it has just opened O_O
i shall do what i must


so i found the one that has the least errors
and it is here CLICK ME

i used sprites of snake cuz i got sick of black blocks
a plant from metroid
and a radar

radar is full of errors, but the movement itself only has one to my knowledge
when you try to crawl you end up not moving at all
prolly pretty easy to fix if i pour over my code for a bit

You know what, Phlake Jr? This reminds me of me and my own brother LOL.

I want to give myself a challenge.
7. BOSS: Lava dragon type thing (NO GIANT WORMS)

That was the one I was going to avoid for as long as possible.

Uh…I’m kinda going more gollum-like then dragon…
Also, Part based.

Edit: WIP