Metroid Trivia

Ok, I was bored so I made this, Metroid Trivia. It’s simple someone asks the question someone answers. If the player gets the question wrong they can keep guessing. Let’s start:

Name 5 Planets in the Metroid series

Tallon IV

crap, can’t think of others.

Ditto what the above guy said (who I do not know) and Bryyo. Huh. Guess I win. What do I get?

(P.S. Soul Smash Calibur Bros. 3-lee!)

Satisfaction in getting an answer right, I guess. >_>

SP Homeworld
Tallon IV

From memory.
I got more so I get a larger piece of satisfaction than NK =3

Would Dark Aether count since it was a planet on a different plane or dimension?

No =P

Easy, so can I ask a new question??

What was the Elite Pirates name? : )

Might you be a wee bit more specific?
If you’re talking about the project I think it may be something like epsilon or helix or something like that :confused: We’re not talking about Phazon Elites are we? I like to call him George personally.

Uh…if you mean the project name, I think it was Project Helix.

I like George.

Something tells me he meant Phazon Elite, because he had an actual name, i.e. Elite Pirate Alpha.

Or maybe he meant Omega, or Elite Pirate Upsilon? :3

…huh, a google search for Upsilon comes up with the Psi Upsilon Fraternity.
Just thought it was interesting…
However, it kinda sounds like Daz wins that one <_<

Not that interesting… upsilon is just another Greek letter, like the more often used alpha, beta, etc.

Oh, I knew that.
…more so just the “psi” part, combined with the fact that I’m easily amused.

How many machtroids must you kill in Metroid II (or whatever the hell they’re called)?

…What are you even trying to say there? Mochtroids are only in Super, and there’s no specified amount you need to kill. I doubt you mean the real metroids in 2, considering that this is a Metroid forum and there’s no excuse for mangling the spelling that badly, so… what? O_o

here’s a question, who gave phazon the name “phazon”?

Clearly it was named Phazon by either the Chozo, Space Pirates, Luminoth, Galactic Federation, itself, or some other third party.

Also, the question was name 5 planets. Not more. Therefore, I was the first, and so far only, one with the correct answer to that question. And since I believe it is impossible for the above answer to be entirely wrong, I would suppose that I am winning with the most correct answers.

Therefore we should just conclude that all answers I give shall be correct, and I no longer need to answer any more questions, since I am clearly the victor in this contest.

(P.S. It shall rain LOVE today!)

I love your posts, NK.

Ok, let’s see…a Metroid question…

Alright, without sequence breaks, what’s the first, second, and third upgrade acquired in Metroid Prime 1?