New Adventures of the Artifacts of the Month


Having an invisible barrier that doesn’t affect Samus would be a solution to that, if an unnecessary complication.

Ah yes. I remember reading about those in the team forum. Never found one to play though heh.


The last Pirates I saw were the ones in the last demo I think… I don’t remember what they looked like though…

I’d love to play a Tallon demo… :wink:


I just made a new topic with links to the demos, so please post anything demo-related there. This topic should be about the artifacts of the month.


so if we do end up shrinking samus we spriters are gunna have our work cut out for us, reworking a lot (if not all) the enemies

plus, yanno, recruiting more spriters to help

we up for that?
i know i am

could we get a zip file with the enemies to take a look at em all?
see what needs to change, what needs updating anyway, all that good stuff?


We’d probably (see: we should) do that anyway to make sure everything is consistent. There are like a billion artists that contributed all with different styles. And levels of quality.


so screw it, lets get a shrunk samus sheet started!

wanna go with my 47 height idea?
or go for the 48?

should we give her a full on overhaul?

should we use my edit as a base?


I have this 48 pixel one…


and iiii edited it

her upper body felt too…

it didnt feel like it had any depth to it


any other hats to throw in the ring?


While not exactly accurate to Prime, I think going with a ZM-esque pose would be the best option, since as it stands (pun) Samus is just kinda… there. It’s also the only way one could really aim worth a flip, and withstand recoil. It also makes for a terrible FPS, which is why Retro wouldn’t use it haha.

Also: I’ve been thinking we might should establish an overarching palette system, to unify everything made from here on out. We can start with a basic thing like how many colors to use per sprite, and then move to global palettes as we figure the whole thing out.


i’ll mock something up for that


s’not bad

needs some fixing up tho


I use to think so also regarding the stance, but the Power Beam has very little recoil. Plus it’s the only game she stood like that, and it’s kind of un-Samus-ey. She basically has super human strength and reflexes, along with a Power Suit that is linked to her nervous system, I’m sure she knows where she’s aiming even when it isn’t lined up in front of her. Her HUD probably calculates that.

I like to believe she stood like that in Zero Mission out of inexperience. I want to edit the Samus now, and this is going to turn into an edit fest.


i need to stop doing this…


Yeah, the ZM stance always seemed a little too exaggerated. The entire thing had a more cartoony style so it fits there but not so much with Prime’s realism.


I don’t know if you’ve ever fired a weapon, but the ZM pose is damn near what you use. it moves the aiming axis close to your point of vision so you can gage adjustments. Don’t say HUD because it won’t help with floaty aim that comes from hip fire. You can use a laser, but the fact of the matter is that an extended arm is an order of magnitude more efficient when it comes to aim.

If she’s a noob in ZM, she’s probably still a noob in Prime, since it’s immediately after.

There is another reason I brought it up though. If you check every game bar ZM, Samus is straight-arming in every position except the standing position. ZM redid it for uniformity more than anything else. Now conforming to the ZM way would work better in particular for the ‘free aim’ we have been discussing. Why? Because the only effective way to do this is have the cannon arm as a separate sprite which rotates. Bear with me on some really terribad hackjobs:

Now both look terrible in the upwards position, but really the only way to fix that would be to have separate sprites for every degree of aim, or remove upwards aim. The later would break the background PQ.

Another point is that with the ZM aim, finding the point for the projectile would be as simple as moving it from the rotation point towards the mouse. The other would have to deal quite a bit with offsets and I can’t imagine it being fun. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have, and it was, but I was standing in a booth, not running and jumping constantly. It works in ZM since outside of standing the cannon is only up when you shoot, but with mouse aim it’ll always be pointed to the cursor no matter what you’re doing.

EDIT: And another thing, the legs in the combat ready stance don’t really fit with the other directions. More relaxed legs are more universal.


im dropping all my other out, and since the other was phlakes’ i dont need to include that one… so yeah

this is what i’ll be editing up repeatedly till i like it
and is up for consideration of use

also feel free to edit it yourselves


I’ll edit it myself… eventually…
Wait… we are doing mouse aiming now? I massively disapprove.


really? i like the idea


It’s very un-Metroid for the 2D games. I prefer the aiming style of the GBA games, with a single button for the diagonal aiming, then just hit up or down while holding it.

I struggled playing the Super Metroid style with two separate buttons for the up and down diagonals, I always get them confused. The GBA style requires less buttons anywho.

I hate mouse aiming with 2D games. Hate hate hate. Unless it’s like a top down game. It’s way too awkward. Please for the love of everything good don’t do that. Mouse aiming is an instant and complete turn off for me… >_>