So…my processor just died. :frowning:
I’ve been looking around, but can’t find anything cheap.
Help would be nice.
I need a socket 939.
Ghz is not something to worry about, I was using a 1.6 and that was fine, so I’m sure whatever ya’ll can find will do the job.

A 939? Seriously? NewEgg doesn’t even have those anymore. But I think 754 might be compatible. Still, can’t help you this time. :slight_smile:

Yeah… :frowning:
Is there anyway to change the socket without getting a new mobo?


Don’t be so fast to say no!

You can manually rewire the whole thing… just get a new mobo man.

I’m not sure even with manual rewiring you can. At least, not without enough rewiring to call it a new mobo.

I guess it would work, but seeing as you’d just be making a mobo, don’t bother :smiley:

Buy a new Mobo, and don’t get a cheap one because you want to have a good base for upgrading. I currently have a Biostar TPower N750 and it’s working great for me. It’s allowed me to overclock my 8600Gt and my CPU (2.6 GHz Oc’d to 3.0 and running fine).also, if I ever want to buy 2 video cards, it’s SLi enabled with 2 PCIe 2.0 slots.

Problems with new mobo:
All new mobos require a power pin thing I don’t have, so I would need a new power supply.
I don’t think my current ram sticks are compatible, so new ram.
New mobo means you have to re-register Windows…and I can’t do that with a pirated version.
New fan, unless mobo/processor set comes with one.

So yeah… New mobo= New computer for me… :frowning:

That’s like $30 for 2 GB.
Your fault.
Processors usually do nowadays.

"I can’t register windows because it is PIRATED"
Hang on. Can’t you just pirate it again?

No…I didn’t pirate it.
I didn’t know it was pirated till I tried to update it.

So pirate it again anyway <_<

Yay I just ordered a new Mobo/Proccessor set. :smiley:
Now, I have a question about dual core proccessors.
If it says “2.4 Ghz Athlon 64 x2” does that mean if I activate the second core that I’ll have like 4.8 Ghz of proccessing power?


You’ll have 2 2.4 GHz cores.
Say you run FF, and it needs a lot of power, it has 2.4GHz to draw from, because a single thread cannot execute on 2 cores.

Say you start up Crysis, it’s multithreaded, so it has more than 2.4GHz to draw on.
I’m not quite sure how the calculations work out, but dual-core = WAY better at multitasking. (You can, for example, convert media files with no slowdown, as you still have a whole other core left)

So are you saying certian games (ex: Crysis) can use both cores?

yes some games are multi threaded

Sweet. :smiley:
I have 2 games I would like to know if they are:
Mass Effect


I looked before I asked… >_>