Saddness! It doesn’t fit in “Fangames” for once!

Rotis is a puzzle game. It’s kind of similar to Tetris Attack/Panel de Pon/Puzzle League/Bejeweled/Collapse. I don’t want to sit here and copy and paste an entire page or something, so here’s a link to the details (and downloadable alpha version). Discuss! :slight_smile:

Very…weird…and interesting…
The music is anoying…but…still, its an interesting idea. :clap:

Crap. :laughing: I planned on improving it and adding more different musics anyway. Says so right there on my page. :stuck_out_tongue:

Today (well, and yesterday) I added menus, the credits (hehehe), and several of the game modes I planned on.

Sentience mode
High scores (a separate one for each mode and each difficulty)
Perhaps Quarry mode
Update music
Add background graphics, and maybe update the toggler graphic
Scrolling information in the Options menu

I can’t find right now where this is written, but non-fangame game still go in the fangame section >_>

Haven’t played the game yet, even though I think you linked me to it.

I would have liked to put this in the fangames forum if it fit the description or if I knew that non-fangames should go in the fangames forum. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I added mode descriptions in the Options menu and Quarry Mode today, and I fixed some minor bugs. Go.

Edit: If you get a 404 error, well, the server on which my account lies on 110MB is currently down. I guess check back later. :stuck_out_tongue:

Rotis is just about to move into the beta phase of development! There are no definite coding things left on my list except changing backgrounds (which the game does do when switching between the menu and gameplay mode) and changing music. So music and graphics are all that stand between me and a finished product. Optimistically speaking, I could have this done in a week.

Edit: I guess people are less than excited. I kind of thought I had a pretty-much-professional-quality game going here. (That’s what my fellow classmates told me, at any rate.) Anyway, I put more music in Rotis. I used some of my older ones (from DPMTaWeek) and added a new one, and I modified the one I had already put in Rotis.

Argh, multiposts! I added a brief How To Play mode today/yesterday.

Sorry, I’ve been busy and away D:
And I can’t connect to your site at the moment to get the latest version D:

I just updated Rotis again with a bit of a graphical effect when the blocks pop. Also, it moved into the beta stage of development yesterday. Now find bugs if you can! (Aside from blocks sometimes popping when you start a level.)

I’ll check it out once I get my laptop back online, as it doesn’t seem to work on Linux. In the meantime, I’ll pop you over to fangames.

Think about it–it’s a game, made by a fan. Ergo, it can be considered a fangame. :wink:

I was mainly debating it because it has nothing at all to do with Metroid. So it’s not a Metroid fan game…just a game made by a fan of Metroid, which seems far less relevant. :stuck_out_tongue:

Show me where “Metroid” appears in the description for the fangame forum, and you’ll have a case.

The game is original, Daz. XD


Oh, so everything I draw is now considered fanart because I’m a fan of, uh, art?

That’s hardly the same. Anyone can draw. Not just anyone can program a videogame. >_>

This subforum is a community of gaming fans that make games. It’s close enough.

Not a fangame though. >_>

Do you just go out of your way to contradict me or something?

Either way, it’s a fan-developed game, so it belongs here moreso than in General Games. Fin.

What would you call a section for fan-made games anyway?

“Fan-made games” leans massively towards the side of tedium.