When do you get out?

And maybe there can be a giant leap in production.

I have two weeks before exams, then I’m in a summer programming course.

Fun. We’re out on the 3rd.

i got out around a year and a half ago xDDD
college in the fall tear

Got out 2 weeks ago, college starts in 2 months. :’(

I’m out of college in about 2 weeks, and High school in 3.

I was out of college three weeks ago and I’m returning one week from now.

Am I the only one not in high school/college?

uhhh, hi? =P

I got out of college 3 weeks ago too :E
But no summer classes cause fuck that! Summer is for partying.

yes tim, summer is for partying

Geez, I guess my college runs late. Seriously, we don’t get out until the 10th, I think.




im not in school, therefore no


truths actually
ive been outta school since halfway through last year xD

I like how that’s all the last 5 post have been about. One word arguments.

So yeah, found out that my High School had Senior Panels today, meaning early release for the rest of us. Got to relax for a couple hours before heading to College (Evening classes btw).

So yeah, Apparently, all my finals, College and High School, are not only in the same week, but are in the same three days. Scary. :O_O:

I get out on June 19th, and go back around September.