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No mountains, try again. :stuck_out_tongue:


Took this photo last night.



Eve? Popular? Don’t make me laugh.


i know, right


I think 500,0000 active accounts qualifies as popular enough, yes.

Also, considering I’ve never even heard of POTBS…


runescape has 10 million


I have all your base.


But nobody likes runescape.


obviously people do lol


So I was watching the Harmony of a Hunter vids on the homepage, and a certain image caught my eye:…player_embedded

It’s at 0.50

What’s that? That would be a screenshot from my Cryengine 2 recreation of Phendrana:


It says “Artwork by Romulus, Jdillon, Cronoan, Transfuse, Zurginator” in description :astonished:


I don’t believe it said Zurginator before. I remember scanning the description for a credit and I didn’t see one.


They amended that after today after one of my friends got pissed off at them lmao. I didn’t really care, but now that they half-tried the credits (Names aren’t in any order that I can figure out, so nobody knows who drew what), it’s kinda pissing me off.

Of all people that should respect an artist’s work… other artists.


Don’t be discouraged because it’s modern Transformers. The people on the Transformers wiki feel the same way you do. Especially take note of the plot synopsis.


"All other artwork and renders in this video are property of their respected owner."
Best way to cite sources. Will try out in future academic papers.

Speaking of Harmony of a Hunter (which I just found out about today… in this topic) is anyone else noticing that some of the remixes aren’t very good? :confused:
There are a few that I’m definitely looking forward to though…


Some are pretty meh… I’m REALLY looking forward to the Chozo Temple though.



I lol’d. Will use in future. Tonight. In less than 5 minutes.


Except in the phrase “do’s and don’ts.”

Ha, I win.