The Sprite List


Actually, HP’s is much closer to the game’s than yours, WotW.


Edit: I forget the Ice Beam, HP you can work on it I get the Plasma.


sounds good to me… i wont steal that from you, i promise. now is mine good to go? if not, what does it need?


Ah sorry, I have completely forgotten about this topic. Well I haven’t had time lately to work on that menu thing, I’ll see what I can do during the coming week, seeing as it’s the only time I can work on it.


I know I’m working on a plasma beam, but I would not mind if I have a picture of blue phazon that is all ready turn into sprite form. (If anyone has it just pm it to me) So I can make the orange, red unknown material found in Impact Crater.

I made a Glider for p2d please look at my sprite topic.


They orange-red material is red phazon ma friend


Oh ok I knew that I just called it what the game said.


I made energy pickups a looong time ago. I don’t even have them on my computer anymore. but yeah they were used i the old demo before SCU died.


oh you mean those ones i tried to improve but butchered? xD


Yup, those are the ones. Im back on P2D now ^^. So I can help out any way you want.


Updated the list.

There’s a new category (lost), making it easier to know what exactly should be sprited and what exactly should be searched for.

For now, anything that I know was done but hasn’t been seen since the death of SCU is marked as lost. Half of what I marked as lost should be easily retrievable, the other half possibly retrievable.

I’m sure there’s stuff marked as not started that’s just lost, but if I can’t remember them, then they should probably just be remade.


Well, everything made by me obviously isn’t lost…


I have someone’s Sap Sac from January 08, 2005. Don’t know the maker’s name, though.

(I don’t have anything newer than July 6, '05, but I think I have everything from before then.)


Awesome, I thought those were lost. I can’t remember the maker either. >_<

You have Bok Choi’s Baby Sheegoths and Blastcaps then? It would be a shame to lose them…



The Baby Sheegoths are too new. I do have really old Sheegoths, though.


March/April 2004 is too new? <_<;;


Surely they’re newer than that. I never saw Baby Sheegoth sprites until a while after I joined the forums, and that was January 2005.


Baby Sheegoth was the first sprite Bok Choi made for p2d. Before I joined even, when p2d didn’t have it’s own sub-forum and it was a topic in General Metroid discussion.


Maybe it was one of those wonderful red X’s I came across in my initial going-through of the sprite topic.


That’s the thing, at the time there was no Sprite topic, it was just the “p2d topic”.