I think I have one…
My computer has started telling me “download this”, “download that” for virus protection, and has never done so before…

“Antivirus 2008” is the program… I’ve never heard of it, and the warnings are typed iin a way that doesn’t quite look official…

Yes/No are the options

It’s unnder “Windows Security Alert”, and it’s Icon is a folder, which is odd, because I would think it would be a “!”

OK/Cancel are the options. If you notice, there is no “a” between have and Virus on the first line… and I doubt microsoft would have made a typo…
Its under “Antivirus 2008: download privacy protection software”

Yeah, that’s a virus. Kill it with fire.

Erm… How?

Edit: 'nother:
Use the trial, I guess.

Well I have norton 360…
It’s scanned about 92,000 things, and only found 1 risk, and fixed it, but the stuff still keeps appearing.

Edit: 96,000 actually…

No offense but Norton isn’t very good, atleast from my experience with it. Unfortionatly I’d be the wrong guy to ask for help removing the viruses. Hope you get it fixed soon, as I remember having a virus like that before… Wasn’t fun at all.

You’ll probably have to remove it manually, which isn’t as hard as it sounds. All you’ll need is Dr Delete and minimal knowledge of the key components of the virus.
Dr Delete lets you remove “can’t remove this HURR” files. So just figure out the file that keeps putting the virus back… somehow, and then Dr Delete it.
I’ve only had to do this once, but I don’t remember it being very difficult.

Try AVG 8.0 you can get it at Grisoft, download the free version, it last forever and it’s almost the same stuff as the full version, it has worked quite well for me and an alert window appears when it finds a virus/spyware, you can set it to daily scan your pc or just one day at the week.


Also, viruses are fun/stupid and I haven’t gotten one unintentionally in a long, long time. :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah… I never enjoyed trying to get rid of viruses with Norton. It’s effectively spyware on its own.

In my experience, that’s spyware or adware, Zurg, not a full blown virus. Get AdAware or some program like that, in my opinion, but I may just never get viruses, so I don’t actually know what one does…

It’s actually a Trojan =P

Well, I feel like a retard… :angry:

T2, do i have to make some setting to get a popup when a virus is detected or is that automatic?

i’ve never gotten a popup :<

I’ve gotten one.

I went to tpb and downloaded something that all the coments said VIRUS!!!111, sandboxed it so it couldn’t do any harm, and waited to see if my AV would find it.
After 10 minutes, it did, which was cool.

It only happened to me a few times, and it’s weird, because the popups appears when I’m not doing anything on the computer >_>

Topic ends now, the thingy killed my computer, so I don’t need to get rid of it… but my family got a mac, so I can’t sprite or play this game anymore… which SUCKS majorly.

I got “Premature Closing” PMs so I will open this for them to offer help. 30 bucks will get me my friends dell, wich is actually superior to the computer I was using, thus I will be back!

In referance to another pm, I get a configuration error when I boot the computer.
Power on
Blue HP screen
Windows XP startup screen
Black screen
Windows XP startup screen, but with “Please Wait” instead of the loading bar
Popup “Configuration Error”

what are the specs on his dell?

Err… I’ll check when I get back.
I’m in Tennessee Atm.

Try booting from the Windows CD you have and use the repair option, something similar happened to me a while ago, I used that and then it was fixed. If that doesn’t work, try running windows on safe mode and do a system restore to a time before the problems started.