Your name

Why is your name on here…what it is? Share random thoughts here.

I. Love. Rundas. Well…I did a lot more but yeah I’m more into real life now. But yeah, he’s badass. And 45 cuz I wanted a random number and I couldn’t remember whether he was the 4th or 5th boss (obsessed much) so yeah. And I stuck with it and now tis’ my trademark xD
…speaking of which I’m surprised I never tried to sprite Rundas yet… I’ll work on that soon :confused:

Mine is my last name, not really much other than that.

I actually go by Yeil or Yeila now.
It’s a twist on my first and last name. My real name is Neil, so I just took the first letter of my last name (Y) and replaced the N. The A is added in sporadically, it generally means “Artist”. Yeil, Yeila!

Infinity’s End was a spur of the moment name. Turns out there are like… five other Metroid fans that have that name, so I needed a new one. Yeil it is.

my name… haha… yeah…

basically put
strangers have the best candy
the candy man can


i like pomegranates. they’re tasty.

I dont know what a pomegranate is.

They’re so weird, like an alien fruit.
They’re a pod that has thousands of smaller pods inside them that carry the seed. You eat the mini pod and the seed. So yummy!…nate03_edit.jpg

I like them when they’re sweet, some people prefer the tang.

What do they taste like?

I like 'em both ways, Yeil.

Yeah, I’m gonna start calling you that. Probably the last one to jump on that bandwagon, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, my name is a combo of random numbers and my nickname IRL. Si is my nickname, and is what I go by normally. Thus, toss in some random numbers and you essentially get my name.

Come to think of it, I still use s123i68, yet I consider it to contain about as much creativity as me when I’m not thinking i.e. none at all.

Every once in a while, I see my other commonly used username come up (Sild, in case you were wondering), but it’s usually exclusive to video game usernames or character names in a RPG. That or Scryth, my other other alias.

You’ll also notice that all my usernames start with “S” simply because that’s the first letter in my nickname.

Because I like the name.

My real name is Tim. Most of my handles have been based off of that… I know, I’m boring. :frowning:

Timmy, Timmeh, Timaster, EvilTimaster, Timaster735, EvilTimonster (This was on GunBound - I used up all the other names by forgetting my password repeatedly >_>).

On the more exciting side of things, it’s actually Timofey IRL! Take that, hardy man.

Zurg from buzz lightyear…


Also: Name to face generator

I get this from mah real name:

I got my name because I used to be a huge fan of the Banjo-Kazooie games. I still am, but not as much. The numbers are just random that I chose.

Timmehboy’s my brother’s username. Thought up when we pretended we were dandies :/. Same with Christoballs/Chris2Balls (my actual username). People tend to associate with testicles xD.



Omega = My favorite boss in the whole Mega Man world.
1084 = My lucky number :stuck_out_tongue:



Candy Man Criminal

irl name

what the fuck? i can’t post images apparently 0.0
but my username was pulled out of my ass

apparantly your ass programs?

I thought I had posted this… :confused:

Syntax Man:

Timofey Alexeevich Kondrashov

I’m a BAMF.