Well, the double bass can do great things.
Just not in the hands of newbies that jump straight to the double bass, in which case it can only do sub-mediocre things.
I just found it funny that the same guy who told me “you don’t need double bass for punk” was the same guy who couldn’t keep up with my band’s songs <_<
(For the record, that drummer=the lulz.)

Jazz and classic rock? Woot. Good man =D
Jazz is awesome, I personally love it. Hence my secondary instrument, the alto sax. Also, tenor and bari sax on occasion =3 Fun stuff, but I can’t freestyle on a sax at all.

I play Alto Sax in my School Band. 'Tis a fun instrument. The best part about the Sax family: you learn one of them, you can play all of them. Just takes a little more air control.

I freestyled a Jazz Solo once. It was fun, unfortunately, my band teacher did not think so. She gave the part to someone else. I like freestyling on the Sax. Come to think of it, that was around the time I stopped participating in the school’s Jazz Band. Now, I play Jazz on my own, and it’s a heck of a lot better.

Get on AIM, s123i68.

Cloud, if you wanna see some cool jazz with the greatest drummers of all time, look for the Buddy Rich Memorial Concert. It’s got the buddy rich band, and there playin all his old songs. They also have this crazy saxophonist who seems to play faster than Dragonforce, and he’s on a saxophone.

Whoa, my AIM is still up there? I don’t even have AIM installed on this computer.

I’ll take it off. Sorry, Tim, don’t even remember my AIM.

sild25 >_>?

Meh. Fine.

I fucking love this song btw:
His lyrics and vocals just go all over the place for the verses, makes it sound pretty deranged.
EDIT: Actually I don’t love the outro that much.


Straight in, suck up and go,
Cool it, swallow, swallow
Aw, breathe deep, take it all
It comes cheap

Push it through the doors
Cause in between the lines
I’m gonna pack more lines
So I can get them in

Ooh, traffic jam!
Got more cars than a beach got sand
Suck it up, suck it up, zip suck it up,
Fill it up 'til
I’m no more

I’m no crazy creep
I’ve got it coming to me
Cause I’m not satisfied!
The hunger keeps on growing

I eat too much
I drink too much
I want too much
Too much![/i]

I love lyrics like that. He puts so much meaning into them, except they don’t mean anything whatsoever, which I suppose is the meaning. Fun! I mean, “In between the lines I’m gonna pack more lines so I can get them in.”? Wtf?

Password, I mean. Hell, I didn’t remember my username until I deleted it just now. :stuck_out_tongue:

That is a good song. I love your taste in music, Tim.

I love you. <3

EDIT: Since we’re Dave Matthewsing,
Less deranged, more structured, but also nice to listen to.

Better than everything.

I don’t like orchestral music.

But I do like (credit to my friend for recommending it).
Trippy-ass video, and :smiley: song.

PS This is easily my favorite thread ever.

Cloud, speed is not the main thing drummer would work on. Techniques, techniques! You would not punch the drums like a mad goat, but play wisely. As for me, I’m playing drums from 2002 and I’ve learned years ago that it’s not a toy to bash! My brother agrees that most metal drummers use 2 basses thoughtlessly. We had a nu metal drummer, he’s also a wimp like Patrick from “Sponge Bob Squarepants”. Btw can you show us some video records with you playing drums? :slight_smile:

He DID say he was a punk drummer!


Lulz! Anyway, Technique is important. Not saying that you don’t have any, but thats what my drum teacher taught me.

Under The Ashes is right - even if you are a punk drummer you must be on level! Drummer is the heart of the band, many people already admited that fact. So if the drummer is bad, the whole band is bad, sooooo people get less drive and energy from their play.


lol. I choose not to drum like most punk drummers, simply because I hate how most of the punk drummers out there play. So boring, same general beat for every song.

You’ll notice in the very section you quoted that I said speed doesn’t equal hard XD Technique is more important than speed, I agree. And I… honestly don’t know what else to say on the matter, because I completely agree with you. I guess the only thing I can say is that speed, while not equally important, is also an important factor, because your band won’t like it if your technique can’t keep up with them. You need a balance. Also, if you can play faster, your technique while playing slower becomes more advanced (not to mention your stamina). In my experience, being able to play faster helped me play with more accuracy while playing slower. By accuracy, I mean timing-wise. With slower songs, instead of thinking in eighth notes with stuff in between, I’m thinking about it in 16th notes, I can work in triplets and such, and I’m actively thinking about accents. It’s like… since my mind is tuned in a way that I can play fast, when things slow down, I have more processing power to think about my technique, more so than I can while I’m playing fast. I automatically think ahead in the song, simply because my mind is moving faster than the song. If any of that makes any sense.

… and I feel I should mention that in both cases you’re shooting yourself in the foot by jumping to double bass, because you’re doing things on the double bass many drummers can do easily with just one foot, thus killing your technique =3

And no, actually. I don’t have any videos of my drumming on account of I don’t have any decent video recording equipment, nor audio recording equipment. I’ve been hounding my friend to let me borrow his camera, but he doesn’t trust me with it XD
Only recordings I have are audio from when I first started my first band, and I think I would cry if anyone heard my drumming in those recordings. Or our singer, for that matter.

Which foot are you shooting yourself in with double bass? >_> <_< >_> <_< >_>

Unquestionably best video game piece ever.

I vote for all three in the middle :stuck_out_tongue:

Look@Sig for my opinion about rap.

pretty much the same
and if you were a TRUE Broly fan you’d spell his name right >_>

PS Omega that was a joke and not meant to piss you off, just in case it does

I know his name is spelled wrong…
That sig was made long time ago and I’m too lazy to fix it :sweat: