*****Official "Hi I'm New!" Topic*****


Sheegoth hunter: He hunts sheegoths, it’s what he does.


I kinda remember you, Sheegoth. Welcome (back)!


Hi. Your sig’s too wide. Fix it and you might get a warmer welcome. >_>


Awe man his sig is nice.


I agree.

That’s kind of a painful 50 pixels to shave off.


I agree, but I can’t just keep making exceptions for pretty ones. Rules are rules.


It still look pretty right? Is it ‘pretty’ or ‘pritty’?

I’ll PM it to him.


Oh, no, I know. I was just saying it’s gonna be hard to find the right 50 pixels to cut off <_<
I guess making it smaller in general also works. And yes, it’s still pretty XD


My rule would be 400px+prettiness rating :>


But couldn’t that rule potentially go the other way then? 400px-ugliness rating?




“Well, with THAT sig, I’d say you get about… 10 pixels?”
“Well, it’s right there in the rules.”


yeah sorry bout the sig, its fixed now (courtessy of czar dragon)
now do i get a warm welcome daz? :slight_smile:
and for the reccord, i dont hunt sheegoths. you would have to search through years of posts at MGG to find out what its really about. XD





gr?ci?s d?zuro


Your a hunter sheegoth.


I’ll hug you too, but tentatively.


In regards to xgmx even though he hasn’t posted here:

Hey, we’re kinda alike!
Last name starts with Mc
Born in the 90s
Software designer
Like sci-fi stuff
StarCraft (and making stuff for it)
Pointless self-made “company” :slight_smile:
Likes Cavedog Entertainment (Total Annihilation! Whee!)
Carbonated water is pretty much all I drink

On the other hand, I pay attention to pinned topics. :smiley:

Also, your StarCraft: Renegade link is broken, as well as most of your (Reenactor) site, and I don’t believe for a moment that you had a thing to do with Metroid Prime 3: Corruption’s development. >_>




In regards to the same guy, get a facebook.