*****Official "Hi I'm New!" Topic*****




mind >> blown :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay, hi, I’m Halloween_Cloud. I’ve been looming around here for a few years… on a different account, though. I made this just for the sake of my alias: HALLOWEEN CLOUD

COO COO COO That was… the lightning…
Anywyams I’m a spritah, and you all willl bow to ME!!!


I need lunch


Go get lunch.


Now I need dinner. LOLZ


bring me a gallon of human blood
no diseases



the fuck?


pees in Halloween Cloud’s blood dinner


Well … I am not new, but I have been away for a while.

Coming back now … didn’t have solid internets, now I do.

And thank the gods, I was beginning to go a bit loopy.


Oh hay, phazon.org is back.


Yes, you could say that.

Nothing much there right now, but …

Eventually I will get around to actually filling it with substance.


Hi, I’m new.

I should post this here, right?


Mhmmm… But surely, you could post a bit more about yourself other than declaring your existence to us unknowing forumgoers? :slight_smile:


yes you should, and welcome to communist Russia comrade, be sure not to look at 072 funny or he’ll surely ban you, also don’t do anything remotely funny or risk being warned


in communist russia


welcome to hell on the intarwebs atm.


Just realized that I never did this. <_< >_> oh well. Better late than never right? So, HI! I’m new. Or, I was, until I made friends.


Nieh, I didn’t do it either. I think around two years after I joined I finally said “Hey, I never did this. Sup guys!”


hi i’m new (3 yrs too late)


Lol. I’m only a few weeks late.