Am I Master Cheif? In what picture? That was one of my old E-Mails. Oh, and on the fallacy thing, I haven’t updated that in a long time. I wrote that at age 13. It’s not a good sentence. It should say something along the lines of, “God made this world, and God made all of us. We need to do everything for the good of his glory.” I’m not saying that everyone thinks like that. But thats how I feel. Fuck it, lets not discuss religion. That always has a BAD ending. So, what is the general age in this forum? Like 14-22 or something? IDK. Mostly uber talented kids. ( no offense to older peoples )


There was a SCU member named Master Cheif. Funny that you should choose the same misspelling to make an email.
And yeah, 14-22 sounds about right. I think DF might be older, but he doesn’t count ;D


Because nobody counts the GOD of this board. Nah, I just was obsessed with Halo at the time. Also, my e-mail is YESS!!!


I imagine that flies well with your teachers.


Pfsh, nobody knows MY email, except anyone who wants it, which aren’t my teachers.



Yes, Yes I am. And I’m PROUD!!!


o_o… Barbecue… Haxorz? :astonished:


You have no Idea how many BBQ’s I’ve hacked.

(Hacked = Crashed)


we were all on a sugar/caffeine high…yeah this is the best picture of me on teh interwebz


No. I haven’t visited them yet. Did you know that you could get robbed by russian police officers?
And my Scarfaciness will be uploaded when I find someone that can take a photo of me that makes the scars look cooler than they really are.

But I know that both Dee and Daz think they look sexy.

@Under the ashes
I’m not photoshop’d. Just drunk. Or wait. Not now. I was drunk when that photo was taken.


Just messin’ with ya. I meant it by you would photoshop your scars. Twas’ a joke.


Took these with my cell phone so they aren?t the best.
But you should be able to see some of the scars.

I am THE Scarface. Accept no fakes. Like that Brian De Palma movie with Al Pacino and Michelle Pfeiffer.


Oh yeah, wow, that’s uh… frightening.


finally got around to taking a picture… been too lazy… anyway, NECROPOST AWAY!


For some reason I’ve always imagined being either that cat or a person with a pomegranate for a head.


Actually that image was just photoshopped to make me look normal. Here’s what I really look like:


you look like a 12 year old faggot
lol jk you look 9

a) so this is where liks’s entirely unimpressive scar photos were!
b) I want to dye my hair purple and orange. discuss




actually the only thing I ever notice about faces anymore is teeth

yours are white and straight. You win!